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 What are the consequences of violating probation in Connecticut?

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

What are the consequences of violating probation in Connecticut?

If you are on probation in Connecticut, violating the terms can lead to some pretty serious consequences. I know, because I’ve been there myself. As someone who has learned the hard way, I want to have an honest chat with you about what can happen if you mess up while on probation.

First off, let’s talk about what probation actually is. Probation means that instead of locking you up in jail, the judge is giving you a chance to stay out of trouble and prove that you can follow the law. It’s a way to avoid prison time, but you have to hold up your end of the bargain.

When you’re put on probation, there will be a whole bunch of rules you have to follow – things like checking in regularly with your probation officer, completing counseling or treatment programs, sticking to a curfew, staying employed, and of course, not breaking any other laws. Some of the rules might seem annoying or pointless, but you gotta follow them, or else you’ll be right back in court facing the music.

The different types of probation violations

There are two main categories of probation violations in Connecticut:

  • Technical violations – These are when you break one of the specific rules of your probation, like missing a meeting with your P.O. or not completing your court-ordered counseling.
  • New criminal charges – This is when you get arrested for a new crime while you’re on probation.

The consequences really depend on which type of violation we’re talking about.

Technical violations

For minor slip-ups like missing an appointment or two, you’ll probably just get a warning at first. But if you keep messing up, the judge can punish you in a few different ways:

  • Verbal reprimand – The judge tells you to get your act together.
  • Stricter probation terms – More check-ins, earlier curfew, etc.
  • Community service – The judge may order you to complete 10-100 hours.
  • Short jail stay – Maybe 2-30 days to “think about” your actions.
  • Extended probation – They tack more time onto your original term.

So even if it’s just little technical issues, too many strikes and the judge can throw the book at you. You gotta take probation seriously, my friend.

New criminal charges

This one is bad news. If you get arrested for a new crime while on probation, you’ll have two cases – the new charge, and the probation violation.

When you go to court, the judge will handle the violation first. If they find you guilty, you could be looking at:

  • Jail time – Could be anywhere from 30 days to the remainder of your original prison sentence.
  • More probation – They add time onto your existing probation.

After that’s settled, you still have to deal with the new criminal charge separately. So you’re looking at essentially double the consequences.

The probation violation process

If you do slip up, here’s how it goes down:

  1. Your P.O. will file a violation report and possibly request a warrant for your arrest.
  2. You’ll be arrested and brought before a judge, who will set bond.
  3. There will be a violation hearing where the judge hears evidence and decides if you’re guilty.
  4. If found guilty, the judge determines your punishment.

The burden of proof is lower than a normal criminal trial – the state just has to establish “reliable and probative” evidence that you violated. So it’s pretty likely you’ll be found guilty if they catch you messing up.

Tips for avoiding violations

I know probation can really suck, but doing your time and following the rules is way better than ending up back behind bars. Here are some tips to help you avoid violations:

  • Always make your appointments, even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Be honest with your P.O. – they can help you if you’re struggling.
  • If you feel an urge to use drugs or break the law, call your sponsor or counselor.
  • Avoid people and places that could lead you astray.
  • Request changes if the terms are too hard – don’t just ignore them.
  • Keep busy working or volunteering so you don’t get bored.

It comes down to making probation your #1 priority for however long your term is. It might suck, but screwing up will suck a whole lot more.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what you’re facing if you violate probation here in CT. No one wants to see you back behind bars – so please, learn from my mistakes and do what it takes to walk the straight and narrow. You got this!

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