Best New York City Criminal Lawyers

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York City

Getting arrested for a crime in New York City can be a scary and overwhelming experience. The stakes are high, and the legal system is complex. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the top criminal defense attorneys in NYC. These lawyers have decades of experience defending clients against all types of criminal charges – from misdemeanors to serious felonies. They know how to navigate the system and fight to protect their clients’ rights.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When researching criminal defense lawyers in New York City, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Experience handling your specific type of criminal case – You’ll want to find a lawyer with extensive experience defending clients against the charges you’re facing (drug crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes, etc.).
  • Knowledge of New York criminal law – Criminal law varies significantly between states, so it’s important to find a lawyer well-versed in New York Penal Code and criminal procedure.
  • Trial experience – If your case does go to trial, you’ll want an attorney with litigation experience in front of New York judges and juries.
  • Negotiation skills – Many criminal cases are resolved through plea bargains, so strong negotiation skills are key.
  • Resources & expertise – The top criminal defense firms have teams of paralegals, investigators, and forensic experts at their disposal to build the strongest case.
  • Client communication – Look for a lawyer who is responsive and makes you feel comfortable and informed at every stage.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best criminal defense attorneys and law firms in NYC…

Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York City

1. Gerald B. Lefcourt

With over four decades of experience, Gerald B. Lefcourt is one of the most renowned and respected criminal defense lawyers in New York City. He focuses primarily on complex felony cases such as murder, racketeering, securities fraud, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and RICO conspiracy cases. Over the years, Lefcourt has represented high-profile clients including business leaders, celebrities, and professionals. He is known for his relentless trial advocacy and mastery of cross-examination.

2. Benjamin Brafman

Benjamin Brafman is a legendary criminal defense attorney with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He handles cases across New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. Brafman is an expert in defending complex cases involving homicide, sex crimes, domestic violence, white collar crimes, and drug offenses. Some of his most famous clients have included celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and professionals. Brafman has successfully defended clients in numerous high-stakes, high-profile cases over his 40+ year career.

3. Mark Bederow

As a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, Mark Bederow offers inside knowledge of prosecutors’ tactics. His firm handles all types of criminal matters including white collar crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence, and drug-related charges. Bederow is known for his meticulous trial preparation, tough negotiation skills, and compassion for his clients. He frequently lectures on criminal law and publishes articles in legal journals.

4. Jeremy Saland

Jeremy Saland is a savvy and strategic NYC criminal defense lawyer with over three decades of experience. He is skilled at analyzing complex cases and developing creative legal strategies. Saland handles all types of criminal matters in NYC and surrounding counties. His approach combines aggressive litigation with negotiation skills honed as a former Manhattan assistant district attorney.

5. Daniel J. Horwitz

The Law Office of Daniel J. Horwitz handles criminal defense cases throughout New York City. Horwitz is an experienced trial lawyer who aggressively defends clients against charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious violent felonies. He is also skilled at identifying constitutional rights violations that can lead to charges being dismissed. Horwitz frequently lectures on criminal law and procedure.

6. Todd Spodek

Todd Spodek is regarded as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in NYC. He regularly defends high-profile clients in cases covered by the media. Spodek handles all criminal charges from traffic tickets to murder. His practice focuses on developing creative legal strategies based on in-depth case analysis. Spodek is also skilled at negotiating favorable plea deals with prosecutors.

7. Eric Franz

Eric Franz is an experienced NYC criminal defense lawyer with particular expertise in sex crime, domestic violence, and Internet crime cases. His firm takes an aggressive approach to defending clients, investigating every angle of a case to create the strongest defense. Franz is adept at using cutting-edge technology and forensics in developing defense strategies. He also handles criminal appeals for convicted clients.

8. Patrick J. Brackley

For over three decades, Patrick J. Brackley has defended clients against criminal charges throughout New York City. His firm handles everything from misdemeanors to serious violent felonies. Brackley is known for thoroughly investigating cases, dissecting the prosecution’s evidence, and developing an airtight defense strategy. He also has extensive trial experience fighting for his clients before NYC judges and juries.

9. Marc Agnifilo

Marc Agnifilo is one of the most respected trial lawyers in New York City. He represents individuals and corporations in criminal cases involving complex fraud, financial crimes, Internet crimes, sex crimes, public corruption, and more. Agnifilo has tried over 100 cases to verdict and secured many high-profile acquittals for his clients. He brings strategic thinking and relentless determination to every case he takes on.

10. Murray Richman

With over 50 years in practice, Murray Richman is a true legend in the New York criminal defense bar. He has represented numerous high-profile defendants including celebrities, politicians, and white collar professionals. Richman handles cases small and large with the same vigorous defense. His exhaustive trial preparation and courtroom mastery make him an attorney clients turn to in their most desperate hour.

Top Criminal Defense Law Firms in New York City

In addition to talented individual attorneys, New York City is home to some of the nation’s premier criminal defense law firms. Here are a few top firms with proven track records of success in NYC courts:

1. Clayman & Rosenberg LLP

Clayman & Rosenberg is widely regarded as one of the best criminal defense firms in New York. The firm’s senior partners, Wayne Gosnell Clayman and Richard Clayman, have over 50 years of combined experience. They assemble top-notch teams to handle complex criminal cases of all types in state and federal courts. The firm is known for its meticulous case preparation and aggressive courtroom advocacy.

2. Nesenoff & Miltenberg LLP

Led by renowned trial lawyer Andrew Miltenberg, Nesenoff & Miltenberg is a premier New York criminal defense firm. The firm’s attorneys include former prosecutors who now aggressively defend clients in criminal and civil matters. They leverage their litigation experience to mount the strongest possible defense in every case.

3. Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, PC

With offices in New York City and Long Island, Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins handles state and federal criminal defense cases of all types. The firm is known for its relentless advocacy, mastery of criminal procedure, and success in high-stakes trials. The attorneys fight aggressively to get charges reduced or dismissed for their clients.

4. London & Robin LLP

London & Robin is a top NYC criminal defense firm with extensive experience handling high-profile, complex cases. The firm’s partners take a hands-on approach to every case, leveraging their experience as former Manhattan prosecutors. London & Robin assembles teams of top investigators, forensic specialists, and trial attorneys to build the strongest defense.

5. The Law Offices of Julie Rendelman

Attorney Julie Rendelman heads this boutique criminal defense firm that handles cases across New York City. Rendelman is a former homicide prosecutor who now aggressively defends individuals charged with all types of crimes. Her firm is known for its thorough case investigation and preparation. She has secured many dismissals and favorable plea deals for clients.

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City

Facing criminal charges in New York City can be daunting, but having an experienced attorney on your side makes all the difference. The lawyers profiled here are among the best of the best when it comes to criminal defense in NYC.

When researching lawyers, be sure to consider factors like experience, case results, resources, and client communication. Meet with multiple attorneys before deciding. The right lawyer for you is someone you feel comfortable with and who instills confidence based on their track record of success.

With an elite NYC criminal defense lawyer in your corner, you can be assured of having a tireless advocate fighting for your freedom every step of the way.