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SNAP Violation Lawyers

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SNAP Violation Lawyers

If you accept EBT payments, at some point you might receive a SNAP violation letter. letter will contain 100’s or 1000’s of transactions which the USDA believe are fraudulent. They are all attached to the letter. You should immediately contact us when this happens for a free consultation. You have to respond in 10 days to the USDA snap violation letter. If you don’t respond in 10 days, the USDA will suspend or terminate your ability to accept EBT benefits. Our SNAP violation attorneys can help you address this.

There is an intense crackdown on SNAP Violations and fraudulent EBT transactions. To help you better understand the consequences of a SNAP violation, you should schedule a risk free consultation with our attorneys today.

Understanding SNAP violations

Each state has a SNAP program. But it’s a nationwide program by the US government. The SNAP program is enforced by the USDA and FNS. If you want to read the exact possible violations, you need to refer to the Code of Federal Regulations about EBT transactions. According to the Code of Federal regulations, the government has the right to disqualify ANY business from participating in EBT permanently. Small retailers are at risk of shutting down due to their dependance on EBT. The USDA makes a point to demonstrate they are actively investigating retailers who commit SNAP violations.

FNS Actively Investigates Retailers Compliance

The FNS has a team of 100 analysts and investigators across the USA who focus on ensuring SNAP compliance. It analyzes retailer data and conducts investigations. They also process cases and fine any retailer who is guilty. The FNS also works with state enforcement officers to conduct sting operations in order to prevent trafficking.

The federal government is also actively involved in prosecuting anyone who violates SNAP regulations. For example, in 2012, the FNS investigators reviewed more than 15000 stores, and did 4500 undercover investigations. The results concluded with 1400 stores being disqualified for trafficking. If you need help paying for our legal fees, you can speak to companies like Delancey Street who can provide small business financing to help you pay for the legal fees. You can visit them:

If you’ve been charged, speak to us

Only authorized retailers can accept SNAP. Eligible SNAP foods don’t include prepared items, or alcohol and cigarettes. Accepting SNAP for such items is considered food stamp trafficking. There are a lot of violations that take places in the SNAP program. Even one food stamp trafficking offense can lead to your disqualification.

Possible SNAP violations

If your store is charged with trafficking food stamps, it means you’re being charged with fraudulently accepting/stealing SNAP benefits.  Stores may be accused of trafficking, and be disqualified, for a number of reasons such as:

  • Accepting SNAP for nonfood items
  • Intentionally using false information on the EBT application
  • Total SNAP redemptions over a particular period of time exceed sale of food
  • Accepting SNAP from someone who isn’t entitled to the benefits
  • Offering store credit in exchange for EBT

The list goes on.

What to do after you’re accused

Speak to our law firm immediately. Having proper legal help can be the difference between staying in business and going out of business. Most retailers fail to get legal help promptly.

SNAP Violation Lawyers

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