Best San Diego Criminal Lawyers


Best San Diego Criminal Lawyers

If you got arrested in San Diego, don’t freak out! There are some really good lawyers here who can help. I did a bunch of research and made this little guide to help you find the best criminal defense attorney for your situation.

First off, you gotta know what type of crime you’re charged with – DUIs, theft, assault? Different lawyers specialize in different stuff. My buddy Jim who got busted for a DUI used this firm and was real happy with them.

For more serious felonies, you’ll want someone with trial experience. My friend Sara’s brother got charged with armed robbery and used this lawyer who took it to trial and got him acquitted.

Don’t just pick the first lawyer you find! Shop around, most offer free consultations. Ask about their experience, success rate, what defenses they’d use for your charges, stuff like that. It’s worth spending the time to find the right fit.

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll want to find someone experienced with your specific charges. For example, DUIs are a whole specialty – look for a lawyer like DUI Lawyers San Diego who focuses specifically on drunk driving cases[1]. They know all the technicalities and defenses to fight the charges.

For more serious violent crimes like assault or domestic violence, experience taking cases to trial is crucial. Law Offices of David M. Boertje is a firm known for their aggressive trial advocacy in defending violent crimes[3]. Their detailed understanding of criminal law helps them build the strongest defense.

Federal charges like drug trafficking or white collar crime require a lawyer well-versed in the federal system. Federal Lawyers focuses specifically on complex federal cases and has a proven track record with high profile clients[5]. Their expertise can make all the difference.

Lawyers who used to work as prosecutors can provide inside knowledge of the DA’s strategy. Super Lawyers lists some of the top rated former-prosecutors-turned-defense-attorneys in San Diego[2]. Their experience on both sides is invaluable.

Be sure to ask any lawyer you consult about their specific experience with your charges, success record, and the defenses they’d mount. Finding the right specialist for your case can make all the difference!