Why You Should Hire A DUI Attorney

Each year thousands of people are arrested for the crime of driving under the influence. When your freedom is on the line; it is important to have the best legal defense possible. Here are some reasons why you should hire a DUI attorney.
Knowledge is Power
Experienced criminal attorneys will be able to evaluate your case and quickly assess which pieces of evidence are relevant and admissible in a court of law. When you go before a judge, it is crucial that your case can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence that is presented in court is key to being able to tell your side of the story. You want to focus on letting the facts speak for themselves. DUI attorneys are trained to look for certain things that might prove that the necessary probable cause was not present for an officer to issue a DUI arrest.
DUI Attorneys Know Experts that Can Testify in Your Case
Each DUI case is different. Expert testimony can help convince the judge that you are not guilty of the crime. A seasoned DUI attorney will consult with several experts before hiring one or more of these experts to testify for your defense.
A DUI Attorney Will Closely Examine the Events of Your Arrest
In a DUI case, a police officer must be justified for pulling over a driver. There are some criteria that must be met to prove that probable cause was present for a DUI arrest. The first criteria is that the officer observed the driver’s impaired behavior. For example, weaving in and out of lanes of traffic, driving too fast, driving too slowly, tailgating and blowing through traffic lights and stop signs.
The second criteria is that the officer pulled the driver over and questioned the individual. A drunk driver might slur his or her speech, smell of alcohol or be unable to form coherent sentences when speaking. If these behaviors were not observed and noted in the arresting officer’s official report then it can cast doubt on the integrity of the arrest.
The third criteria is that the officer properly administered a preliminary breath test. This breath test will measure your BAC or blood alcohol content level. If the BAC level exceeds the legal limit then a person is typically arrested for DUI. In some instances, the machine can malfunction. A DUI attorney can check to see if the machine has been serviced and if any problems with its accuracy had been reported in the past.
The fourth criteria is that a field sobriety test was given by the officer. This test typically involves a driver exiting the vehicle and walking in a straight line by the side of the road. If this test was passed then it would be documented in the police report and can help show that you were not impaired while driving.
A DUI Attorney Can Check to See if Your Rights Were Violated
The DUI attorney will ask you if you were read your Miranda Rights by the officer and informed of your right to an attorney. If your rights were not read to you at any time then this can be a valid reason why the attorney could argue that the arrest was not handled according to the law.
The justice system is not always fair to criminal defendants. It is important to be your own advocate and seek legal help to ensure that you have the best chances of walking away with a good result. Attorneys can help you with a plea bargain and get fines and prison sentences reduced.
You do not want to risk ruining your reputation because you thought that you could handle representing yourself. Many people find out too late that they should have hired a DUI attorney all along. Consider scheduling a legal consultation today so that you can explore all of your options for your DUI case.

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