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What is Grand Theft? + Laws, Charges & Statute of Limitations

Grand theft is a severe crime that involves thefts of valuable property or large sums of money. Grand theft is also known as Grand Larceny. Theft crimes are divided into two categories—petty theft, which is usually misdemeanors, and the grand theft, which is generally known as felony offenses.

Unlawful taking of property or money worth $500 to $1000 or more in many states is termed as grand theft. In most countries, grand theft is listed as a felony offense because it involves stealing of valuable property.

Grand theft can be categorized into three degrees, depending on the total amount of valuables stolen. First-degree grand theft involves severe cases, while the third degree involves less severe cases.

An offender convicted with the 1st degree will receive harsher sentences as compared to the 2nd and 3rd degrees of grand theft. The 1st degrees grand theft charges require prosecution through a grand jury who decides the best verdict for the accused.

Laws and Charges of Grand Theft

Grand theft is a felony charge, and it leads to felony charges. Different states have different ways of ruling, similar grand theft cases. That is why felony charges depend on the laws of the country where the offense was committed.

For one to be charged with grand theft, the prosecutor needs to prove that the accused had the intent to steal. This can be determined by the statement recorded by the owner of the property stolen.

The prosecutor will also need to determine the value of the stolen object to know if it is a 1st degree or 3rd-degree grand theft case. The defense can argue that the property was taken by mistake though this kind of evidence can be not compelling under the law.

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There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration before the accused is sentenced. The circumstance of the crime and if the defendant has any prior convictions are vital. If the accused person has ever been convicted, the felony charges will be increased, leading to harsher sentences.

It is also possible to reduce the grand theft to a misdemeanor theft depending on various facts such as an accused person accepting responsibility. Grand theft can be punished through the imprisonment of more than one year in a federal facility.

Felony charges such as grand theft may also attract a fine of more than $1000, depending on the severity of your case. Restitution will also be required to be paid directly to the property owner for the loss they encountered.

If found guilty with grand theft, the court may also order the accused to serve probation for a given period. Probation may last for a year regarding the state laws. The offender should ensure he or she fulfills the specified requirements, such as finding a new job, paying the restitution and fines on the required time.

The offender should also ensure they do not indulge in criminal activities again. The assigned probation officer will meet the offender regularly to ensure that the rules given are followed as required.

There are grave consequences that one may face once charged with a felony charge due to grand theft. Moving on with their lives once the sentence is over may seem difficult. They may find it hard getting new jobs with such criminal records since most employers will view them as untrustworthy people.

Statute Of Limitations

A statute of limitations refers to the time limit in which a legal case should be filed by a plaintiff in the court of law. It ensures that the prosecution of criminal charges starts promptly to avoid distortion of evidence, such as the eyewitness not remembering the occurrences clearly due to the passed time.

The statute of limitations for grand theft is usually five years. The prosecution should be set to begin within five years of commitment to the offense. Failure to do that the person charged can have the case dismissed by the court of law unless in exceptional occurrences.


Ideally, being charged with grand theft can have serious consequences, such as imprisonment. The prosecutor will need proof that the item of value belonged to someone else, and it was taken without their consent. Legal advice would be highly recommended when facing such charges. To ensure that the grand theft case is not dismissed, it would be advisable also to honor the statute of limitations.

The Devastating Impact of Grand Theft Charges


Grand theft, also known as grand larceny, is a severe crime that involves stealing valuable property or large sums of money. It can have devastating consequences for the accused person and their loved ones. As a nationwide law firm, Spodek Law Group has extensive experience in handling grand theft cases and providing expert legal representation.

What is Grand Theft?

Grand theft is a felony offense that involves the unlawful taking of property or money worth $500 to $1000 or more, depending on the state. This crime can be categorized into three degrees based on the total amount of valuables stolen. First-degree grand theft involves severe cases, while third-degree grand theft involves less severe cases.

Proving Intent to Steal

To be charged with grand theft, the prosecutor needs to prove that the accused had the intent to steal. The statement recorded by the owner of the stolen property can help determine this. The value of the stolen object will also need to be determined to decide if it is a first-degree or third-degree grand theft case.

Laws and Charges of Grand Theft

Different states have different ways of ruling on similar grand theft cases, making felony charges depend on where they were committed. A grand jury will prosecute first-degree grand theft charges and decide what verdict best suits them.

If found guilty of grand theft, offenders may face imprisonment for over one year in federal facilities; fines exceeding $1000 may also apply depending on how serious your case was; restitution must be paid directly to owners who suffered losses from your actions.

Probation and Consequences

If sentenced probation instead then following specific requirements such as finding new jobs paying restitution fees timely are mandatory under supervision by assigned officers who regularly check compliance with rules given ensuring no further violations occur during this period which could lead back into jail time again later down line due lack thereof adherence towards these guidelines set forth upon release from custody.

Felony charges such as grand theft can have serious consequences that can make it difficult for the accused to move on with their lives. Once the sentence is over, finding new jobs with such criminal records may be challenging since most employers will view them as untrustworthy people.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for grand theft is usually five years, meaning that prosecution should begin within this time frame after committing an offense; otherwise, dismissal by court law unless exceptional circumstances occur.

Emotional Impact of Grand Theft Charges

Grand theft charges can have a severe emotional impact on the accused person and their loved ones. Being charged with a felony offense can be terrifying experience where fear losing one’s freedom labeled criminal overwhelming feeling sets in quickly due severity these accusations levied against you without any proof yet presented before judge jury panel who decide fate based solely upon evidence provided during trial proceedings which could last months even years depending complexity case at hand.

Moreover, social stigma judgment from society tarnishes reputation making it hard regain trust friends family members while feeling embarrassed ashamed isolated further exacerbating already dire situation faced by those falsely accused or guilty parties alike seeking redemption through legal means available under our justice system today!

Expert Legal Representation

At Spodek Law Group, we understand how devastating grand theft charges are to individuals and families involved. Our legal team provides professional compassionate representation ensuring clients’ rights protected throughout entire process from start finish no matter what outcome may result ultimately decided upon by courts presiding over cases brought forth before them involving allegations related towards this crime type specifically.

Attorney Todd Spodek has extensive experience handling grand theft cases providing expertise needed defend your case using compelling language show we exhibit professionalism approach taken when dealing matters like these where emotions run high stakes higher still given potential outcomes if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt standard required convict someone crimes committed under laws governing jurisdictional areas affected thereby affecting penalties imposed accordingly too!

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

Grand theft charges can have life-changing consequences, and it is essential to have a skilled attorney to represent you. Hiring an experienced attorney like Attorney Todd Spodek can increase the chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Our legal team will thoroughly investigate the case, gather evidence, and challenge the prosecution’s case using emotionally charged words showing severity consequences importance having best legal representation available today!


Here is a table outlining different degrees of grand theft:

Degree Amount Stolen Severity
First-Degree Over $100,000 Severe
Second-Degree $50,000 to $100,000 Moderate
Third-Degree $500 to $50,000 Less Severe


Facing grand theft charges can be devastating for individuals and their families. It is crucial to have expert legal representation from attorneys who understand how severe these accusations are. At Spodek Law Group and with Attorney Todd Spodek leading our team we provide professional compassionate defense ensuring clients’ rights protected throughout entire process from start finish no matter what outcome may result ultimately decided upon by courts presiding over cases brought forth before them involving allegations related towards this crime type specifically. Contact us today for a consultation and get the best legal representation for your grand theft case!

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