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Weston Man Convicted of Numerous Counts of Tax Fraud

Dealing with Tax Fraud Charges? You Need an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Tax Fraud Attorney

Getting accused of tax fraud can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. The stakes are high, with charges carrying potential prison time and steep financial penalties. That’s why having an experienced tax fraud defense attorney on your side is so important.

In Fort Lauderdale, attorney Michael B. Cohen has extensive experience representing clients facing tax fraud investigations and charges. He understands how to build an effective defense to fight the government’s accusations against you.

An Empathetic Ally During a Difficult Time

Facing criminal tax charges turns your world upside down. You feel anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure of what the future holds. Attorney Cohen provides clients the empathetic guidance they need during this difficult period.

“I know folks facing tax charges have a lot on their plate. My job is to listen to their story, understand their situation, and figure out the best way forward,” Cohen says. “I don’t judge clients for the circumstances that led them here. I’m on their side, ready to fight the government’s allegations.”

Navigating Complex Tax Laws

Tax codes comprise thousands of pages of complex laws and regulations. When the IRS accuses you of fraud or tax evasion, having an attorney well-versed in these intricacies is critical.

Attorney Cohen has spent years immersed in tax law. He stays on top of the latest IRS rules, auditing procedures, and enforcement tactics. This expertise allows him to spot potential issues in the government’s case, including violations of your rights.

“The IRS and prosecutors often use aggressive tactics hoping people incriminate themselves. But when you know your rights, you can avoid their traps,” Cohen explains.

Fighting Back Against Abusive IRS Tactics

Overzealous IRS agents sometimes overstep their bounds during audits and investigations. But many people don’t realize the tactics used against them violate their rights.

Attorney Cohen stands up to abusive IRS behavior by filing motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence. He also leverages prosecutorial misconduct to get charges dismissed when warranted.

“I’ve seen IRS agents misrepresent laws to intimidate people into settling cases. But their scare tactics don’t work on me,” says Cohen.

Avoiding the Most Serious Penalties

The punishments for tax fraud convictions can be severe. But an experienced defense lawyer can often negotiate plea agreements with lesser penalties.

“My past success negotiating with prosecutors means most clients avoid the worst outcomes” Cohen explains. “I’ve kept many folks out of prison who likely would have served time without my help.”

Even if convicted, Cohen’s guidance can help clients receive probation or home confinement instead of incarceration.

You Have the Right to Fight Back – Don’t Go It Alone

The government wields tremendous power in tax fraud prosecutions. So defending yourself rarely ends favorably.

Attorney Cohen levels the playing field by aggressively contesting allegations and exposing flaws in the IRS’s position. Don’t assume you have no recourse against tax charges. Get an experienced lawyer fighting for you.

“I encourage anyone dealing with tax fraud accusations to exercise their rights. Let me help you develop the best defense,” urges Cohen.

Trust an Attorney Familiar with Local Courts and Prosecutors

Federal tax cases proceed through the court system differently than typical criminal prosecutions. The process has unique intricacies requiring specialized knowledge.

Attorney Cohen’s extensive experience in South Florida courts provides key insights into the procedures, personalities, and tendencies of judges and prosecutors. This allows him to craft defense strategies maximizing the chances of success.

“Familiarity with the local legal landscape is invaluable. My relationships and grasp of nuances in this jurisdiction benefit clients,” Cohen states.

A Track Record of Positive Results

While every tax case differs, attorney Cohen has a proven history of achieving favorable outcomes for clients facing fraud allegations. These results speak to his skills defending against complex IRS charges.

  • Negotiated probation instead of prison for a client facing 4 years incarceration
  • Got tax evasion charges dismissed pre-trial due to 4th Amendment violations
  • Secured sentence of house arrest rather than 3 years imprisonment

“My record shows what I can accomplish when the government comes after folks for tax issues. Let me go to work defending you or your business,” says Cohen.

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