Tucson Federal Criminal Lawyers

Tucson Federal Criminal Lawyers

Getting charged with a federal crime can be really scary. Like, going to federal prison scary. But having a good federal criminal defense lawyer on your side can help. This article talks about the kinds of federal crimes people get charged with in Tucson. And how lawyers try to defend them.

Common Federal Crimes in Tucson

Some of the most common federal charges in Tucson are:

  • Drug crimes – Selling or smuggling illegal drugs across state lines is a federal crime. This includes things like meth, heroin, cocaine and marijuana. The penalties can be harsh depending on the drug and amount. Even medical marijuana is illegal federally. [1]
  • Firearms offenses – It’s illegal for felons and some others to own guns under federal law. Getting caught with one can lead to federal charges. [2]
  • Border crimes – Sneaking drugs or people across the Mexican border often leads to federal charges. Human trafficking and smuggling can bring severe penalties. [3]
  • White collar crime – Things like wire fraud, tax evasion, and embezzlement are federal. Ponzi schemes too. The FBI gets involved. [4]

There are many other federal crimes too. Like kidnapping, bank robbery, and terrorism. But the drug and border crimes are most common in Tucson because of the location.

Federal vs. State Crimes

What makes something a federal crime and not a state one? It’s because the crime affects interstate commerce or breaks federal law. Not Arizona law. The FBI investigates federal crimes. While local police handle state crimes.

Sometimes a crime can be charged either way. Prosecutors decide whether to charge in federal or state court. Federal charges often bring harsher punishments. Like mandatory minimum sentences. And no parole.

Hiring a Federal Criminal Lawyer

Facing federal charges? Don’t go it alone. Hire an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. Look for lawyers with proven experience handling federal cases. And in the specific charges you face. Ask about their track record getting charges reduced or dismissed.

A good lawyer understands federal sentencing guidelines. And can negotiate with prosecutors for a better deal. They know how to file motions challenging evidence or charges. And can build the strongest defense case. This gives you the best chance of an acquittal at trial. Or at least a lighter sentence.

Federal Criminal Defense Strategies

There are many ways skilled lawyers defend federal charges. Common strategies include:

  • Challenging improper searches – If evidence was obtained illegally, it may be excluded. Like from an unconstitutional search. [5]
  • Questioning Miranda rights – If cops didn’t read your rights properly, statements may get tossed. [6]
  • Disputing eyewitnesses – Eyewitness testimony can be unreliable. Lawyers challenge it.
  • Cooperation and immunity – Providing evidence against others may lead to dropped charges.
  • Sentencing mitigation – Lawyers present facts to reduce sentencing guidelines. And get less prison time.

This is just a sample. Good lawyers use many strategies to fight federal charges and negotiate better outcomes. Don’t take chances – hire experienced legal help.

Finding a Tucson Federal Criminal Lawyer

If facing federal charges in Tucson, it’s critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side.