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Traveling to Meet Minor for Sex Lawyers

Traveling to Meet Minor for Sex Laws – What You Need to Know

Traveling to meet a minor for sex is unfortunately a crime that happens too often. As caring citizens, we need to understand the laws around this troubling issue in order to protect our communities. This article will provide a friendly overview of traveling to meet minor laws, common defenses, penalties, and how lawyers can help.

What is Traveling to Meet a Minor?

Traveling to meet a minor refers to when an adult travels for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. This is often initiated through online chatting or social media. The adult sets up a meeting, then travels to meet the minor.

The crime applies even if the meeting itself doesn’t occur. Simply traveling with intent is enough to be charged. The minor also doesn’t have to be real – even traveling to meet who you believe is a minor can lead to charges.

Traveling to Meet a Minor Laws by State

Many states have laws specifically prohibiting traveling to meet a minor for sex. Charges often include:

  • Soliciting a Minor for Sexual Conduct
  • Luring a Child
  • Traveling to Meet After Using Computer to Lure a Child

States like Florida, Texas, California, and New York have particularly strong laws against this behavior. Penalties tend to be harsher compared to other sex crimes.

For example, in Florida traveling to meet a minor is a second-degree felony with up to 15 years in prison. Fines up to $10,000 are also possible. It’s important to remember laws vary significantly by state.

Common Defenses Against Traveling to Meet a Minor Charges

There are defenses a skilled criminal lawyer may use if you’re charged with traveling to meet a minor:

  • You didn’t actually “travel” anywhere: If you changed your mind before leaving, or only drove within your town, the travel element may not be satisfied.
  • It wasn’t your intent to have sex: Perhaps you were trying to mentor or counsel the minor, without intent for sex. This may defeat the intent requirement.
  • You were entrapped: If police pressured you into committing a crime you otherwise wouldn’t have, entrapment may apply.
  • You were falsely accused: Minors sometimes lie about their age online or catfish adults. You may have reasonably believed they were of legal age.
  • Mistaken identity: Perhaps it was someone else using your device or online accounts.

A skilled lawyer will look at the specific facts to identify possible defenses. Don’t hesitate to discuss your side.

What to Do If You’re Being Investigated

If police want to interview you about traveling to meet a minor, politely decline. Say you’ll only speak with your lawyer present. Police may use deceptive tactics to try to get a confession.

Never talk to police without an attorney! Anything you say can be used against you, even if you’re just trying to clear up a misunderstanding.

Hire a lawyer immediately if you learn you’re under investigation. Quick action to preserve evidence and build a defense is crucial.

How a Lawyer Can Help if You’re Charged

The penalties for traveling to meet a minor are severe. Up to 15 years in prison is possible in some states. You need an aggressive defense.

An experienced lawyer will thoroughly analyze the evidence, including online records. They may find improper police conduct, like entrapment. The lawyer can also negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or diversion programs.

If necessary, they can defend you at trial. Traveling to meet a minor cases often rely heavily on digital evidence. Your lawyer can scrutinize this evidence and retain expert witnesses if needed.

Overall, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can give you the strongest chance at a positive outcome. Don’t go it alone against serious charges like these.

Take a Proactive Approach

The best approach is being proactive to make sure these situations don’t happen in the first place. We all need to keep a watchful eye on kids’ online activities. Parents should have open conversations about safe internet use.

We should also advocate for better education to prevent adults from attempting to victimize minors. With greater awareness, hopefully fewer people will engage in this behavior.

Get Legal Help You Can Trust

If you or a loved one is charged with traveling to meet a minor, get dedicated legal help quickly. Time is of the essence in building a strong defense. An experienced lawyer will stand by your side and be your advocate.

They will thoroughly examine the evidence while aggressively defending your rights. Don’t wait to get counsel from a lawyer you can trust. The stakes are too high, and an effective defense takes time to build. We’re here to help – reach out today to set up a free consultation.

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