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Theft and Burglary Lawyers

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Theft and Burglary Lawyers

An arrest and charge of theft and burglary can alter your future. If you’re convicted of these crimes, you could face time in jail, heavy fines, and even a criminal record. Without knowing the specifics of your case, it’s possible you could be charged with a misdemeanor crime or a felony. The difference is staggering. It’s the difference between jail and prison, and it’s the difference in your future. The charges depend largely on your own criminal history, and it also depends on the value of the items you stole. Stealing anything exceptionally valuable increases your charges to grand theft, which is a much more serious crime.

Theft and Burglary Charges

If you’re arrested for theft and burglary, perhaps there was a mistake. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You had possession of items you didn’t know were stolen after they were given or sold to you by someone else. Perhaps someone falsely identified you or simply lied to get themselves out of trouble. Whatever the case, you were arrested and you should immediately enact your right to contact an attorney.

– Shoplifting
– Armed robbery
– Embezzlement
– Burglary
– Identity theft
– Auto theft
– Possession of stolen property

These are all forms of robbery and theft for which you can be charged, and each one is more serious than the one before. Auto theft, for example, is almost always a grand theft charge because vehicles are so much more valuable than other items you might steal. Shoplifting a few tops from a local store isn’t considered grand theft if they weren’t expensive. You need an attorney regardless what you did or what you were accused of.

What Your Attorney Can Do

If you are not guilty, your attorney will work to prove you were not present at the time of the theft so you cannot be convicted of the crime. If you are guilty, your attorney can work to reduce the charges being brought against you by asking you to plead a certain way, show remorse, or more. You can also have your attorney ask that you exchange jail time for house arrest or heavier fines in conjunction with community service. You might have options if this is your first time being charged with a crime but you don’t know until you contact an attorney.

The attorneys at Raiser & Kenniff work with theft and burglary clients every day. They’re able to fight your case thanks to their extensive knowledge of the law. When you are arrested, you are given a chance to call an attorney. This is the best time to make the call. Anything you say is potential evidence, and that’s why you need an attorney to speak on your behalf. If you’ve never been in trouble with the law before, an attorney can help you. Call now to schedule a consultation with your attorney. It’s often the difference between going to jail and being set free without any charges being formally brought against you. Call an attorney. You need to know what rights you have and how you can use them to have your charges dropped and to protect your future. A theft and burglary charge can negatively affect your future if you’re convicted.

Theft and Burglary Lawyers

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