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SNAP Disqualification Retailer Defense

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SNAP Disqualification Retailer Defense

Are you at risk of being disqualified by SNAP? We are a premier SNAP disqualification retailer defense law firm. SNAP is a food stamp program for low income households. These benefits are redeemed for food items at authorized grocery stores, gas stations, and other such places. For businesses which accept these benefits, it represents a huge source of revenue.

The USDA administers these benefits and looks out for suspicious EBT activity. If they discover suspicious activity, then it could be deemed a violation of federal rules, and result in SNAP disqualification. This can mean harsh penalties, such as temporary/permanent disqualification, in addition to civil monetary fines.

Any decrease in revenue due to disqualification can put you out of business potentially.

How these violations happen

Violations occur in the form of food stamp trafficking

This happens when a store takes EBT benefits for noneligible items like cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Only retail food item are eligible SNAP.

SNAP Disqualification Retailer Defense

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