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SNAP Defense Of Grocery Store Lawyers

SNAP is a program which helps struggling families who are unable to pay for basic health and food. Anyone who gets SNAP benefits is allowed to spend money on health and nutrition. Stores that accept these benefits are only allowed to sell specific items to people using SNAP benefits. SNAP is intended for BASIC items, that care for the family. It’s not for items like alcohol, cigarettes, etc. When a store accepts SNAP benefits, it is able to increase its overall profitability due to the sheer number of people who are issued SNAP benefits.

By accepting SNAP, you are required to follow strict laws and rules. If a store is suspected of breaking these rules, they are sent a SNAP violation letter. If your grocery store receives such a letter, you must hire a SNAP defense attorney immediately. The USDA is super aggressive when it comes to snap violation. It’s the governments money, and if you do fraud and don’t follow the rules they won’t forget about it. If you don’t respond to the alleged SNAP violation letter, you could lose your SNAP privileges immediately. This is a big loss for anyone in business. As a result, you need to hire a SNAP defense attorney immediately.

When you hire the Spodek Law Group, we work with you to disprove what the USDA believes is true. Sometimes, it’s difficult to handle this if the evidence they have against you is rock solid. It’s common for the USDA to conduct sting operations, and catch you in the act. If you knowingly or accidentally made false claims, when you were issued a license to accept SNAP benefits, you may be able to fix the situation. If you provided false information by mistake, you could still face consequences unless you have an attorney on your side.

Having a law firm represent you is the best thing you can do. Your attorney will fight against the evidence collected, and will do everything possible to ensure your case is overturned.

Your attorney can do a number of things for you. Besides providing an immediate line of defense, your attorney can file the proper paperwork to ask for an appeal at the administrative and/or judicial level.


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