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Grocery store usda violation Annapolis

SNAP Grocery Store Trafficking: What You Need to Know

You’re here because you received a letter from the USDA accusing your store of SNAP trafficking. Take a deep breath, this is serious, but we’ll guide you through it.Trafficking means exchanging SNAP benefits for cash or non-food items. For example, charging $100 to someone’s EBT card, but giving them $50 cash instead of food. It’s illegal, and the penalties are harsh.

The Consequences Are Severe

If the USDA proves trafficking occurred at your store, you’ll likely face permanent disqualification from SNAP. That means no more EBT sales, ever. For many stores, that’s a death sentence.You could also get hit with massive fines – up to $59,000 per violation. And in egregious cases, criminal charges are on the table too. We’re talking federal prison time.So, what do you do, if you get hit with one of these things? Calling the USDA directly is a bad move – they’re building a case against you. You need an experienced SNAP attorney in your corner, immediately.

We’ve Defended Hundreds of Stores

At Spodek Law Group, we’ve represented over 700 retailers nationwide in SNAP trafficking cases. We literally wrote the book on defending these charges.Our strategy is simple: fight to get the charges dismissed or reduced. We know all the potential defenses, from showing you had robust compliance policies, to proving violations were unintentional.We’ll comb through the evidence, poke holes in the government’s case, and leverage our decades of experience to secure the best possible outcome for your store.Here are just a few examples of our SNAP trafficking wins:

  • Got a $35k fine waived down to $6.5k for an innocent store owner in Pensacola
  • Avoided disqualification for an Asian grocer in Minnesota by pinning it on a rogue cashier
  • Negotiated a 6-month suspension instead of permanent ban for a confused Detroit retailer

Bottom line – we know how to navigate this system and secure favorable deals, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Time is Not on Your Side

The USDA letter states you have just 10 calendar days to respond. If you miss that window, it’s an automatic permanent disqualification. No exceptions.Every day you delay is one day closer to losing your SNAP authorization for good. You need to act decisively and hire a specialized SNAP attorney to protect your livelihood.At Spodek Law Group, we offer free consultations to retailers facing trafficking charges. No pressure, just the facts about your options and how we can assist.We get it, lawyer fees are the last thing any small business wants. But trying to go this alone could cost you everything. A couple thousand in legal fees is a drop in the bucket compared to your potential losses.

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