San Jose Federal Criminal Lawyers

San Jose Federal Criminal Lawyers

When you are facing federal criminal charges in San Jose, California, having an experienced defense attorney on your side is absolutely critical. Federal prosecutors have immense resources at their disposal and will aggressively pursue convictions and harsh penalties like massive fines or years in prison. The stakes could not possibly be higher.

This guide covers top-rated federal criminal defense attorneys in the San Jose area. We will provide an overview of when you need legal counsel, potential defenses, key federal laws and penalties, and most importantly – what makes certain litigators stand out.

Our goal is to arm you with the information to make the best decision possible if you or a loved one are under investigation or charged with a federal crime in San Jose. An accomplished lawyer’s skills, resources and track record of positive case results can make all the difference between avoiding a conviction versus spending years behind bars.

When Should You Hire a San Jose Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

Any time you are contacted, questioned, arrested or charged by federal agents or prosecutors, having an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer represent you is absolutely critical. Federal offenses can include:

  • White collar crimes like healthcare fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, public corruption
  • Drug crimes including trafficking and distribution
  • Firearms violations
  • Child pornography
  • Cyber crimes

Just being investigated by federal agencies like the FBI, DEA, ATF, SEC or IRS can totally disrupt your life. These agencies have tremendous resources to dig into your background and affairs. Early intervention by a defense attorney experienced with federal prosecutors is often key to avoiding charges altogether or at least minimizing them.

If you are actually arrested and charged, the consequences of a federal criminal conviction can be severe. You absolutely need legal counsel to protect your future. Some potential penalties include:

  • Years or decades in federal prison
  • Massive fines in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars
  • Forfeiture of assets
  • Lifetime probation
  • Permanent criminal record

These severe consequences demonstrate why an experienced federal criminal defense attorney is so crucial from the very beginning of your case.

Best Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Jose

James MacAllister –

Attorney MacAllister is one of the most respected federal criminal defense lawyers in San Jose and nationwide. He represents individuals and companies in complex white collar criminal matters and drug cases in San Jose’s federal court. His experience includes healthcare and insurance fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, public corruption, prescription drug distribution, and federal drug trafficking cases.

Past clients praise attorney MacAllister’s mastery of federal criminal law and procedure. He has successfully defended numerous federal jury trials during his career. Federal prosecutors also respect him for his deep knowledge of the law.

Mark Geragos –

High profile attorney Mark Geragos represents individuals and corporations in federal white collar criminal cases and drug charges. He is known nationwide for his tenacious litigation skills and securing “not guilty” verdicts in serious federal trials.

Geragos excels at humanizing clients and exposing flaws in the prosecution’s case to raise reasonable doubt. His experience includes matters involving fraud, money laundering, federal drug crimes, public corruption, and other complex federal cases.

Judy Clarke –

Judy Clarke has represented clients in some of the highest profile federal criminal cases nationwide. She is renowned for her litigation skills, securing life sentences instead of the death penalty in multiple capital cases. Clarke has extensive experience in complex federal matters involving the death penalty, terrorism, and major white collar crimes.

Past clients praise her tireless advocacy, creativity, discretion, and compassion. Prosecutors also respect Clarke for her deep knowledge of criminal law and mastery of trial procedures.

Lawyer Notable Strengths
James MacAllister Mastery of federal law and procedure, respected by prosecutors, successful trial record
Mark Geragos Tenacious litigator, excels at humanizing clients and raising reasonable doubt
Judy Clarke Preeminent federal criminal defense lawyer, avoids death penalty in capital cases

How to Choose the Best Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Jose

When researching federal criminal defense attorneys, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for extensive experience specifically handling federal cases in San Jose’s federal court
  • Prioritize lawyers respected by prosecutors for their ethics, honesty and trial skills
  • Choose counsel with a proven track record of positive case results
  • Seek references from past clients
  • Meet with lawyers before retaining them to evaluate compatibility

The elite San Jose federal criminal defense attorneys we covered have the skills, experience, resources and track record of positive case results to build the strongest case on your behalf.

For the best chance at avoiding charges, dismissing cases or avoiding harsh federal penalties, hire one of these experts. Don’t take chances with your future and livelihood.

As former prosecutor Robert Morgenthau once said:

“The most important attribute of a lawyer is judgment – knowing when to fight, and when to settle.”

The top federal criminal defense lawyers have the judgment and experience to know which strategies are in your best interests based on the unique circumstances of your case.