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San Diego Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

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San Diego Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

If you own or manage a San Diego pharmacy or dispensary, and you are trying to navigate the waters of compliance while running a business, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. It’s easy to understand your position. It can seem like there are new rules, new regulations and new laws every day.

Trying to keep up with the complicated regulatory structures of Medicare and Medicaid can have you doing a lot more than scratching your head. On the other hand, you don’t want to make mistakes that could potentially harm patients or jeopardize their privacy rights. If you’re trying to maintain compliance, offer patients a high standard of care and run a business too, something has to give.

Why You Need A San Diego Pharmacy/Dispensary Lawyer

The rules and regulations you face daily in running your pharmacy or dispensary are only going to get more cumbersome going forward. If you’re having trouble keeping up with compliance now, you can probably imagine what’s waiting for you up ahead: more laws, more rules and more regulations. However, there is a solution. You can get help from a San Diego pharmacy/dispensary lawyer.

Legal Help With Compliance In Your San Diego Pharmacy

At Raiser & Kenniff, we specialize in healthcare law. We represent medical service providers at all levels. Part of our practice is devoted to law as it relates to pharmacies and dispensaries. Our lawyers stay on top of all the rules, regulations, laws and amendments that define protocol for pharmacies. We do this so you won’t have to. When you don’t have to worry about compliance because an experienced professional is doing it for you, you are free to focus on running your business and providing your services without having to worry about whether or not you are compliant.

Legal Assistance To Mitigate The Risk Of Non-Compliance

A non-compliant pharmacy could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, and there’s a good chance that you could lose your license too. The best way to be compliant is to retain a San Diego pharmacy lawyer to oversee your pharmacy’s compliance status and to ensure that you always remain compliant. Whether it involves licensing regulations, fraud and abuse laws, patient confidentiality, the federal Stark Law, employee contracts or business agreements, we can help you to keep yourself and your pharmacy in the safe zone.

Experienced Legal Counsel In All Areas Of Your Business

There are other benefits of retaining a San Diego pharmacy lawyer. Managing a pharmacy has to do with more than simply dispensing medications. Whether you need information about how to best restructure your pharmacy, have questions about employee agreements or are wondering about licensing requirements, we can help.

We can advise you on matters related to patient privacy or provide counsel if you suspect that you may have inadvertently violated a particular law or regulation. We can fill you in on the finer points of the Stark Law and help you to understand the ramifications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Protect Yourself From Disastrous Financial Losses

The legal team at Raiser & Kenniff can help you to avoid violations that could cost you more than $1,000,000 in fines and penalties. Just one mistake could turn a profitable and successful San Diego pharmacy into a bankrupt entity. A loss of this magnitude is not easy to make up.

Protect Your Pharmacy From The Devastating Effects Of Bad Publicity

Healthcare service providers are always at risk. Whether you are the target of a medical malpractice lawsuit or being accused of medical negligence, your life and your livelihood are on the line. Being charged with medical misconduct can easily destroy your reputation in the healthcare field and guarantee that you’ll never work again, even if you are not convicted. Sometimes, just being charged with a crime can do as much damage as being found guilty of the same charge.

Protect Yourself And Your Interests During Audits And Investigations

Audits and investigations are stressful. You can’t defend yourself and take care of business at the same time. Even if you did find the time to deal with auditors and investigators, you are not a lawyer. You could easily make things worse instead of better.

The solution is to let an experienced San Diego pharmacy attorney take care of these matters for you. Your lawyer, being familiar with your case and overseeing the compliance of your pharmacy, is in the right position to protect your interests during audits and to represent you during investigations.

Learn More About Staying Compliant In An Increasingly Regulated World

The experienced pharmacy and dispensary lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff are committed to your well-being and success. Whether you need help with a particular compliance issue or would like us to review your current compliance plan, we’re ready to step up. Call 888-533-5270 for a 30-minute risk-free consultation, and learn more about how your can increase compliance and decrease stress.

San Diego Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

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