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San Diego lawyers for nurses

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San Diego lawyers for nurses

Malpractice is a type of lawsuit that doesn’t just affect doctors. As the role of nurses continue to expand in the medical field, the risk of being sued also increases. To become a nurse takes years of grueling work and stringent requirements that drain you mentally and physically. The thought of having all of this taken away due to a simple mistake or a disgruntled patient is too much to handle alone. You take your patients’ lives into your hands each day when you go to work. However, anything can happen, and you need protection when the unthinkable happens to someone under your care.

Don’t Rely on Representation From Your Employer

Medical malpractice cases are commonplace these days. Our society seems to be “sue happy” and want to get revenge when a loved one is affected. A hospital or medical center has liability policies that cover them during these incidents. Consequently, they are looking out for the best interest of the hospital. You need someone that will be on your side and consider your future. When your medical license hangs in the balance, you want the best attorneys working your case. Nurses have a serious job. Having insurance to protect you only covers the money aspect, and sometimes, it is not enough. You also need a good lawyer defending you. Many people feel safe with the hospital’s representation, but the divided loyalties of a hospital can become present in a trial. A lawyer hired for your representation can ensure that you and your medical standing are the first and foremost concern in a case.

Let’s assume that one of your patients died due to a problem with a surgical procedure. The patient or their family could bring a suit up to the hospital regarding the surgery. They could say that the patient’s surgery was botched and they will go after a wrongful death settlement. As a nurse, you didn’t do the surgery. You work under the direction of an entire medical team to provide the patient care. Though you may be listed in a malpractice suit, you are certainly not to blame. The hospital’s representation will strive to clear the hospital. That means they will do whatever they can to keep their insurance from paying anything. Do you want to find yourself in a situation like that without legal representation? Even if your part in the matter is small, you still need representation. In a wrongful death suit, they will list anyone who serviced the patient. Though the hospital and surgeon are under the most fire, cases like this can certainly cause you some trouble too.

The most common forms of nursing malpractice are as follows:

• Injuring a Patient with Equipment
• Improper Administration of Medication
• Doing or Saying Nothing When Action Is Required

Knowing How To Handle Issues When They Arise

There are always going to be issues in a medical setting. Nothing will ever go 100 percent correct. Like a doctor, your obligation is to do no harm to any patient. You would think that it would be enough to keep you out of court, but in the medical world that is not always the case. You must carry insurance to protect yourself from these types of cases. While insurance will pay for claims of wrongdoing that require money from you, it will not defend you and ensure your medical license is not suspended or revoked. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you fail to do what is necessary to ensure your patient is taken care of properly, it could cost you everything. Call our office for help in any medically based case where you have been named as a party to a case.

San Diego lawyers for nurses

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