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San Antonio Nurse license defense lawyers

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San Antonio Nurse license defense lawyers

As a nurse, you have spent many hours caring for those who are in need of specialized medical care. In addition, you have thousands of dollars invested in obtaining your nursing license. If you are the subject of an investigation and are facing disciplinary action in San Antonio, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney. An experienced medical license defense lawyer can help you protect your license, which is your most valuable asset.

Grounds For Disciplinary Action

Nurses in Texas are subject to disciplinary action from the Texas Board Of Nursing if the need arises. Some offenses that are grounds for disciplinary action include:

  • Fraud
  • Deception
  • Prescription Drug Theft
  • Violations Of Standard Of Care
  • Drug Abuse
  • Arrest For Driving Under The Influence
  • Sexual Violations
  • Falsifying Patient Records
  • Failure To Pay License Costs


The Texas Board Of Nursing has specific penalties that may be imposed in certain instances. These penalties may include:

When You Need A Lawyer

When you have a complaint pending against your nursing license, you are likely anxious and concerned. You may just want to face the charges and get on with your life. However, this is a mistake many nurses make. Don’t let the investigators for the Board convince you to give them an interview before speaking with an attorney. Investigators have years of experience interrogating people and anything you say will be used against you no matter what they may tell you. The following is an overview of when you need a lawyer:

  • You Receive A Written Notice Of Complaint From The Board Or Attorney General
  • You Receive A Potential Report Of Violation
  • Formal Charges Are Filed Against Your License
  • Your Nursing License Has Been Suspended
  • An Investigator Asks For A Written Statement
  • You Were Terminated From Your Job
  • You Were Arrested For DUI Or Drug Possesion
  • The Board Asks For You To Voluntarily Surrender Your Nursing License

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

A license defense lawyer will work hard to be sure you retain your nursing license if at all possible. Some things a lawyer can do for you during this process include:

  • Examine The Facts In Your Case
  • Provide A Written Response To The Board
  • Speak With Investigators
  • Negotiate For Alternative Penalties On Your Behalf
  • Accompany You To Board Hearings
  • Appeal The Decision Of The Board

Your nursing license is precious and an important part of you being able to work in Texas or anywhere in the United States. Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, medical professionals who lose their license cannot work anywhere in the U.S. You cannot renew your license if it is under suspension, because it will show up in LiveScan.

If you are a San Antonio nurse who is facing possible disciplinary action, contact a lawyer today. During a personal consultation, your lawyer will review your case and work with you to mount a defense. By hiring a lawyer, you are moving toward a solution and are taking steps to protect your nursing license. Having someone by your side during this intense legal process may give you peace of mind and lessen anxiety.

San Antonio Nurse license defense lawyers

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