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san antonio medical license defense lawyers

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san antonio medical license defense lawyers

As a San Antonio physician, your license to practice medicine is your financial lifeline. In the absence of authority to practice medicine, you literally run the risk of losing everything.

With this in mind, San Antonio medical license defense lawyers stand ready to assist you should you face the prospect of disciplinary action being taken against you. There are a number of key factors you must keep in mind if you are being investigated for some type of professional misconduct or malfeasance.

Take a Proactive Stance

Odds are you will know you are being investigated before disciplinary proceedings are initiated against you. Cases in which an emergency license suspension occurs without a physician’s advance knowledge are not the most common type of proceeding in Texas.

The best way in which a physician can best protect his or her rights and interests in regard to a medical license is to retain assistance from San Antonio medical license defense lawyers as soon as he or she becomes aware of an initiated investigation. The reality is that in some cases a complaint against a doctor can be addressed during the investigation process and before formal proceedings commence.

A considerable percentage of disciplinary investigations arise from, or at least involve, a physician laboring under some sort of substance abuse issue. If that is the case, you have the ability during the investigatory process in many cases to obtain some sort of settled resolution of the matter with the assistance of skilled, experienced San Antonio medical license defense lawyers.

Associated Issues

If you find yourself the subject of a disciplinary investigation, or if disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against you, you may face other legal issues as well. For example, in a majority of cases in which disciplinary proceedings are about to commence or are pending, a doctor has issues associated with a patient. Because of that, a physician may also be facing a lawsuit for malpractice.

When seeking legal assistance from San Antonio medical license defense lawyers, attention must be paid to the nature and extent of a legal practice. You typically are best served if you can engage an attorney or law firm that can address a number of the issues related to licensing matter, like a malpractice lawsuit.

Hospital Privileges

You need to be well aware that even the threat of a disciplinary proceeding can expose you to the risk of the revocation of hospital privileges. San Antonio medical license defense lawyers can be of vital assistance when it comes to protecting your hospital privileges, particularly during the investigatory phase of the disciplinary process.

Criminal Charges

Unfortunately, in some cases involving a physician’s license, a medical doctor may face the dreaded prospect of criminal charges of some sort. For example, a physician might face something relatively straightforward like a driving under the influence charge. On the other hand, there are cases in which a physician has an issue with mind altering substances that involves misuse of prescriptions. Such a situation can result in the possibility of a medical doctor facing very serious criminal charges.

Yet again, engaging San Antonio medical license defense lawyers that have experience in addressing a broad spectrum of issues, from disciplinary matters to even criminal charges, can be wise course.

Sealed Records

A key benefit associated with retaining legal counsel is that he or she may be able to seal some or all of the record associated with your disciplinary proceedings. There are some situations in which it is possible to prevent the public dissemination of at least some of the records associated with a disciplinary proceeding.

Retain San Antonio Medical License Defense Lawyers

The first step in obtaining legal representation is scheduling an initial consultation with a San Antonio medical license defense lawyer. Keep in mind that a San Antonio medical license defense attorney typically does not charge a fee for a preliminary appointment.

During an initial consultation, an attorney will provide an overall evaluation of your situation. This will include a review of possible strategies that can be employed to defend your licensing issue, as well as any associated legal issues. In addition, legal counsel will address any questions that you may have in regard to your pending legal issues.

san antonio medical license defense lawyers

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