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San Antonio Healthcare Lawyers

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San Antonio Healthcare Lawyers

Healthcare is a complex business, and that’s before medical professionals add medical law to the mix. Healthcare laws encompass everything from opening a medical practice to a code of ethics, and doctors and other healthcare professionals often find it difficult to focus on their patients and the changing facets of healthcare law at the same time. It’s challenging for doctors to focus on medical innovations and changes in the medical field as well as the laws governing every aspect of medical practices and healthcare. That’s why doctors hire attorneys who specialize in healthcare law to do the dirty work for them.

From discussing the changes in healthcare law to making clients aware of new laws that might affect the way they handle patients, healthcare attorneys work for doctors. Healthcare attorneys are advocates, consultants, and representatives. They do everything from provide business advice to defend medical professionals under investigation in a court of law. The role of a healthcare lawyer is to stay up-to-date with changing laws, represent their clients, and make sure doctors are doing what they can legally do for each patient they see without jeopardizing their own license. They’re vital to the day-to-day operation of any medical entity running a business in San Antonio.

Starting a Medical Business

Healthcare attorneys are an intricate part of the process of helping open a new medical practice, merging existing practices, and acquiring a new practice. They provide help with the law and legal aspects of the following:

– Licensure
Medicare and Medicaid Payment issues
– Private placements
– Managed care
– Corporate compliance
– Collections
– Billing issues
– Pharmaceuticals
– Management agreements
– Private payor claims
– Tax exemptions
– Employment
– Diagnostic testing facilities


When a doctor or other medical professional requires legal representation, healthcare attorneys are there for their clients. They are able to represent medical professionals in all of the following cases:

– Paramedic board issues
– Medical board hearings
– Pharmacy board hearings
– Peer review
– Licensure hearings
– Nursing board issues
– Credentialing hearings
– Investigations

It’s especially important to have an attorney when your medical license or practice is being questioned after someone files a formal complaint. This is where most doctors get their best service from an attorney. Some of the most common complaints filed against those in the medical filed are sexual harassment, discrimination, unprofessional conduct, fraud, the illegal use of substances, or negligence. A healthcare attorney knows how best to handle each case to the benefit of the doctor.

Healthcare attorneys also specialize in fraud. Whether it’s Medicare/Medicaid fraud, billing fraud, or insurance fraud, attorneys know the law and what’s required of a doctor. In most cases, it’s not the doctor guilty of this type of fraud. It’s irresponsible administrative staff, or a willing and knowing staff member attempting to increase the profits the office pulls in. Even though it’s not the doctor’s fault, the doctor could still face sanctions, fines, and potential restitution if someone is his or her office is found guilty of knowingly committing fraud.

Attorneys in the healthcare industry represent everyone from nurses to surgeons to pharmacists and dentists. Anyone who is in the medical field and/or carries a state medical license of any sort should hire a healthcare attorney to help with their legal obligations as they arise. Many people confuse healthcare attorneys for criminal attorneys. We can help in these cases, but we focus on getting medical professionals through their day without focusing on the law instead of their patients. They can help reduce charges, disprove complaints, and reinstate licenses that have been suspended or wrongfully revoked for various reasons.

Healthcare attorneys do more than just represent their clients when a complaint is filed. Most medical professionals turn to their attorney on a regular basis to see about different laws, what they can and can’t do in the office, and how they can proceed when they know a treatment might help a patient but they can’t get insurance to cover the costs. Legal help is needed virtually every day, and it’s an intricate part of the life-saving process.

San Antonio Healthcare Lawyers

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