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San Antonio healthcare compliance programs lawyers

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San Antonio healthcare compliance programs lawyers

If you own or manage a healthcare center in San Antonio, you will need to make sure that you have a fully up to date healthcare compliance program in place. Recent legislation has established a series of rules and regulations. These include the Stark law, the HIPAA laws, and various anti-kickback laws. All of these new rules must be complied with, at the risk of incurring loss of your license to practice, ruinous fines, and possible time spent in prison. The rights of your patients must be respected at all times.

What Is The Stark Law And How Does It Apply To Your Practice?

One of the most important of this new round of laws is the Stark law. This is the state and Federally enforced law that governs the way in which billing to Medicare or Medicaid is handled. It specifically prohibits a healthcare facility, or an individual acting on behalf of that facility, from referring billing to Medicare or Medicaid on behalf of another company or individual with whom they have a personal or business relationship. In simple terms, you are not allowed to help a company, friend, or family member with whom you are affiliated profit from billing state or Federal agencies.

What Is The Anti-Kickback Statute And How Does It Apply To You?

Another important piece of recent legislation is known as the Anti-Kickback Statute. This is similar to the Stark law, in that it specifically prohibits a healthcare center from profiting on referrals made to Medicare, Medicaid, or other state and Federal agencies. These regulations are very stringently enforced. Contravention of these laws, if proven, will result in severe penalties. Hiring a healthcare compliance lawyer is the best way to avoid such mishaps and, if necessary, to prove to a court of law that they did not occur on your watch.

What Does A San Antonio Healthcare Compliance Program Do For Your Practice?

The best way to explain what a healthcare compliance program can do for your practice is to put it in simple terms: This type of program needs to be established so that you can be absolutely sure that you are billing your patients, as well as state and Federal agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid, in the correct manner. It is also in place to make sure that all of your patients’ confidential information is being handled correctly and with full attention to safety. In the age of the Internet, most patient records are stored electronically, leading to safety and security issues that must be addressed.

What Types Of Institutions Require A Healthcare Compliance Program?

If you are the owner or general manager of a professional healthcare center, you will need to have a state and Federally recognized healthcare compliance program in place. These types of institutions will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Private healthcare centers
  • Inpatient and outpatient care centers
  • Diagnostic facilities
  • Nursing facilities
  • Urgent care centers

Why Do You Need To Hire A San Antonio Healthcare Compliance Lawyer?

The main reason you need to hire a San Antonio healthcare compliance lawyer is to be absolutely certain that your present program is fully up to date and functioning in the correct manner. If you are accused of billing irregularities, taking kickbacks, or selling the confidential information you have gathered from patients at your facility, you will need to show proof that these charges are untrue. The best way to do this is to have a healthcare compliance program in place that you can quickly refer to in order to provide the documentation you need to disprove the allegations or charges.

A San Antonio healthcare compliance lawyer is the ally you need in your corner when charges are filed against you by a former patient, business partner, or the state or Federal government. A reputable and professional legal expert is your best defense against allegations that, if not met in a timely and efficient manner, could spell the end of your career. The sooner you hire a San Antonio healthcare compliance lawyer, the better it will be for your practice.

San Antonio healthcare compliance programs lawyers

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