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San Antonio DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

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San Antonio DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

Audits and investigations are things that many healthcare professionals and businesses must face as a company. But not audits or investigations should be treated equally. One different kind of an audit or investigation that a healthcare professional or business might face is a DEA audit or investigation.

Because a dea-audit-and-investigation-lawyers/” >DEA audit or investigation is not the same as a standard audit or investigation, it should not be treated as such. There are very specific rules and regulations that apply to a dea-audit-lawyer/” >DEA audit or investigation that do not apply to audits or investigations from insurance companies or patients.

If you are under a dea-audit-lawyer/” >DEA audit or investigation, here are some of the most important things for you to know.

What is a dea-audit-lawyer/” >DEA Audit or Investigation?

A dea/defense-lawyers/dea-audits-and-dea-investigations-dea-lawyers/” >DEA audit or investigation is done specifically by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The main goal of a dea audit or investigation is to see if the medical practice and the healthcare professionals at that medical practice are acting in compliance with the Controlled Substances Act.

A dea-audit-lawyer/” >DEA audit or investigation can begin in a number of different ways. Like standard healthcare audits or investigations, whether the dea is auditing you or investigating you will make a difference.

An audit is a simple investigation to see that you are acting in line with the CSA. An dea/defense-lawyers/nyc-dea-audits-investigations-lawyers/” >audit does not necessarily mean that the DEA believes you have acted out of compliance with the Controlled Substances Act, but they are looking into red flag behavior that shows there might be a problem.

One of the biggest reasons that your medical practice may undergo a dea audit or investigation is that your patterns for prescribing are different than similar medical practices or healthcare professionals. During an audit, you will need to provide additional information or documents to prove that you are complying with the CSA.

An audit may also happen randomly. The dea/defense-lawyers/dea-audits-and-investigations/” >DEA selects a number of medical practices or professionals to audit and see if they are complying with the Controlled Substances Act. For the most part, medical practices can expect to be audited once about every three years. Depending on the drugs that your practice is prescribing, you may be audited more often.

An dea-investigation-lawyers/” >investigation differs in that the DEA has reason to believe you are not complying with the CSA. An investigation is looking for evidence or proof that your practice has not been following the regulations of the CSA and that you are knowingly breaking the law.

Investigations typically begin with a tip to the dea. The dea can receive a tip from other medical professionals that work at the practice or even from a pharmacy or patient that has experience with your medical practice. Investigations may also begin if something is found during an audit that does not seem right.

An dea/defense-lawyers/nyc-dea-audits-investigations-lawyers/” >investigation from the DEA can have more serious consequences, but both audits and investigations should be taken extremely seriously. The assistance of a San Antonio dea Audit and Investigations Lawyer can guide medical professionals through the process.

What Does a San Antonio Audit and Investigations Lawyer Do?

Whether you’re under dea-audit-and-investigation-lawyers/” >audit or investigation from the DEA, you need to know your rights, what is expected of you, and how you must comply with the investigation or audit. Because the process of an dea-audit-and-investigation-lawyers/” >audit or investigation from the DEA can be extremely different than other audits from insurance companies or investigations of fraud, you will want to know the different rules and processes.

Using a San Antonio Audit and Investigations Lawyer throughout the entire process can help you fully comply with the audit or investigation without making yourself seem guilty or giving away unnecessary information that may paint you or your practice in a bad light. Additionally, a San Antonio Audit and Investigations Lawyer can help you develop a defense or negotiate a more manageable sentence if illegal activity is found.

While dea-audit-lawyer/” >DEA audits can happen frequently, having a San Antonio and Investigations Lawyer can help you stay prepared and organized for when those audits happen. When an expert attorney can help you comply with the CSA, you will have nothing to worry about when your auditing time comes around.

San Antonio DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

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