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San Antonio Criminal Lawyers

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San Antonio Criminal Lawyers

After you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you have the right to be treated fairly while your case plays out. But if you hesitate to seek legal representation or decide to just use the first attorney you can find, the chances you will win your case decrease significantly. From the moment you are booked for your alleged crime, prosecutors are working with police to build a strong case against you. Thus, time is of the essence if you want to position yourself to regain your freedom and avoid having a criminal record. To accomplish this, you should hire criminal lawyers who have experience handling similar cases and are prepared to defend you each step of the way.

Dismissal Prior to Formal Charges
While you have been arrested for an alleged crime, this does not necessarily mean you have yet been formally charged. However, if you sit back and give prosecutors enough time to build their case, formal charges will soon follow. By immediately hiring a criminal lawyer to handle your case, they may be able to examine the evidence and speak to prosecutors on your behalf. In some cases, this can mean a dismissal of the charges made against you before your case proceeds to court and becomes far more complex.

Investigating What Happened
When a crime occurs, police of course conduct an investigation. However, that does not always mean everything police do during an investigation is correct or even ethical. In fact, there have been many instances where police have planted evidence in an effort to put suspicion on a particular suspect, have lied about what actually happened that resulted in an arrest, or have simply made critical mistakes in handling or preserving evidence. Whatever the case may be, sitting back and relying on the information in a police investigation is a sure ticket to a conviction. Instead, you should hire a criminal lawyer who has their own team of legal professionals and investigators. Once you do, your situation can be looked at from many different angles, new evidence can be uncovered, and your lawyer can build a strong case showing why you should be found innocent or have the charges against you greatly reduced or dismissed.

Making the Complex Simple
After being arrested, you will start hearing many different legal terms, have police and prosecutors wanting you to answer one question after another, and be threatened with a variety of serious consequences should you be found guilty. Because of this, you will likely get confused very quickly, which can lead to you making serious mistakes that may undo your defense before it begins. For example, police may lead you to think that by talking with them immediately after being arrested, the charges against you will be dropped. Unfortunately, this almost never happens. Instead, they are wanting to interrogate you without the presence of an attorney, knowing they can use your words against you in court. Rather than let intimidation and fear lead you down a slippery slope following your arrest, work with a criminal lawyer who can explain a complex situation in simple terms, give you sound advice, and make sure your rights are always protected.

Providing Moral Support
If you have never been arrested and charged with any type of crime, you are probably thinking your world has crashed down around you and there is little hope of regaining the life you once knew. While it can be hard to stay positive in such situations, having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side who can offer moral support can be critical to emerging from these situations with little if any damage to your finances and reputation. By being able to talk to your lawyer about your concerns, you can vent your frustration, learn about the possible outcomes to your case, and be reminded that you still have a very good shot at being found innocent.

Handling All Communications
If you don’t hire an attorney immediately after being arrested, police and the prosecutor who is assigned to your case have the right to communicate with you whenever they wish. However, hiring a criminal lawyer as quickly as possible changes all that in many ways. For starters, once you have formal legal representation, all communication must be made with your attorney initially instead of you, eliminating the chance you will make a hasty decision you will later regret. Also, this will allow you to stay much better informed about the developments of your case, since you know your attorney will be telling you the truth about what is happening. But perhaps most of all, having clear channels of communication will give you peace of mind that can calm your nerves and let you think clearly.

Negotiations and Plea Deals
Once you are charged with a crime, this does not mean those charges are carved into stone. In fact, most charges brought forth by prosecutors are just a starting point for negotiations between their office and your criminal lawyer. For example, it is not uncommon for many felony charges to be negotiated down to misdemeanors. If this happens with your case, you could face penalties that are far less severe. Along with this, negotiating allows your attorney the chance to put pressure on prosecutors who may have only circumstantial evidence against you, which can also increase the odds you can win your case.

Though it can be easy to procrastinate in these situations in the hopes police will realize the mistake they have made, doing so can have dire consequences from a legal perspective. Instead, you need to have a criminal lawyer working on your case and protecting your rights as quickly as possible to emerge victorious.

San Antonio Criminal Lawyers

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