16 May 23

Rhode Island Title IX Appeal Advisor

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Discover the Power of Title IX and How It Defends Your Rights in Rhode Island Universities and Colleges

A Life-Changing Law for a Better Academic Experience

Immerse yourself in an empowering world where every student in Rhode Island universities and colleges is fiercely protected against gender-based discrimination, thanks to Title IX. This remarkable civil-rights, gender-equity law ensures equal access to education for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, or identity. Picture a world where joy and enthusiasm for learning replace fear and anguish caused by persistent sexual misconduct, knowing that educational institutions are now legally bound to take immediate, decisive action to resolve such occurrences.

An Appeal That Can Transform Your Life

Imagine standing accused of a Title IX violation, feeling a sinking sense of injustice when sanctions like program dismissal, suspension, or expulsion threaten to tarnish your academic and professional future. The ability to appeal these decisions offers a powerful opportunity to fight for fairness, hold authorities accountable for their actions, and prevent devastating consequences stemming from subjective judgment calls. When you utilize your right to appeal, you actively preserve your reputation, protect your academic records, and effectively safeguard your precious opportunity to continue your education at your chosen school.

Substantial Grounds for an Impactful Appeal

Be encouraged by the multiple grounds upon which you may base your life-changing Title IX appeal, knowing that each one of them could make a significant difference in determining the outcome of your case:

Disproportionate Sanction: When the recommended sanction seems excessively unjust compared to the severity of the alleged wrongdoing.

New Evidence Available: Additional evidence that could have significantly supported the accused’s case has now become accessible.

Violation of Due Process Rights: When a respondent’s rights under Title IX and school policy have been unlawfully disregarded.

Procedural Error: When an error made during disciplinary proceedings could substantially impact the result of the case.

Appealing with Utmost Care and Precision

Adopt a diligent and vigilant approach towards submitting your appeal, noting that the success of your application hinges upon adhering strictly to your school’s specific guidelines. Consulting your respective student handbook or code of conduct is of paramount importance, as failure to fulfill deadlines or eligibility requirements could result in the upholding of previous rulings and recommendations.

The Ultimate Rhode Island Title IX Appeal Advisor

To maximize your ability to defend yourself against severe consequences of a Title IX violation, retaining a passionate and experienced student-defense attorney like Joseph D. Lento is necessary. A profound realization washes over you as you appreciate that winning an appeal could be your last chance to salvage your hard-earned reputation, preserve your academic records, and ensure the continuation of your cherished education at your current institution.

Extensive Expertise and an Unwavering Commitment to Justice

Joseph Lento is an acclaimed attorney with licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is also admitted as an attorney pro hac vice in state and federal court. He has dedicated his career to providing essential Title IX and educational consultations, fearlessly advocating for his clients’ rights and needs, both in Rhode Island cases and in college and university disciplinary actions all across the nation.

Be Inspired by the Institutions Implementing Title IX

Feel the warmth of hope and pride surrounding the commitment of the following Rhode Island universities and colleges where Title IX is vigorously implemented:

Brown University
Bryant University
Community College of Rhode Island
Johnson & Wales University ? Providence
Naval War College (exempt from Title IX)
New England Institute of Technology
Providence College
Rhode Island College
Rhode Island School of Design
Roger Williams University
Salve Regina University
University of Rhode Island

Take the Crucial Step to Protect Your Educational Rights

Don’t let the potentially life-altering consequences of a Title IX finding of responsibility go unchallenged. Joseph D. Lento is a National Title IX Attorney with over ten years of experience fighting tenaciously for his clients’ futures all over the United States. His unwavering determination to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, coupled with the deep compassion he brings to every case, ensures he will always prioritize your well-being and protect your interests.

Contact him today and safeguard your rights, your dreams, and your future.

Rhode Island Title IX Appeal Advisor

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