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Phoenix Federal Criminal Lawyers

The federal justice system is massive and has prisons all over the nation. The prisoners are transferred regularly to ensure that no one forms tight associations or gets too comfortable. This kind of high-security setting can make anyone lose their minds. Studies show that prisoners begin to deteriorate rather than rehabilitate in the confines of prison. Furthermore, when you consider the paucity of the health care, any medical condition can develop into a death sentence behind bars.

For this reason, you don’t want to treat a Phoenix, AZ, federal prison sentence like a vacation. The judges in the Phoenix federal courts have the ability to hand out massive sentences. In fact, many of the sentences have mandatory minimums. These terms can range from a year to life in prison. The factors that are used to determine the sentence are prior criminal record, severity of the current offense, the harm to the victims, and other key factors.

The Benefits of an Experienced Defense Attorney

Obtaining experienced counsel in Phoenix is the only way to approach a federal criminal prosecution. A talented criminal defense attorney will have many principles of law and defenses illuminate in their minds by merely discussing your case. These are avenues that they have a full working knowledge regarding.

An attorney who retains this type of encyclopedic understanding of the law does not have to waste your time trying to beat the learning curve. Every minute of their time is more valuable because experience eliminates the ineffective paths in litigation. You can’t cram to substitute the decades of tedious research needed to understand the contours of the laws.

Defendants simply don’t understand the level of skill that is required to persuade judges and to develop a solid record for appeals. Because we have moved away from a system of jury trials to a system of pleas, the motion drafting skills and case preparation are of paramount importance. Building up strong defenses can make the prosecution back down when they are faced with the plausibility of losing the case at trial and being sued for malice.

In order to create that threshold of resistance to prosecution, the defense attorney must present the claims of innocence with compelling force. And when you have that kind of protection and an attorney who is thorough and to the point, overzealous prosecutors have a way of backing down. They don’t like to lose and would rather bargain or dismiss the cases.

If you don’t hire an expert Phoenix defense attorney who has skill and experience with the particular facet of law involved, you will likely be ripped off. You simply won’t get the value for your money. Although licensed attorneys are not allowed to advertise themselves as specialists in any field, if their field of practice shows strong results in one segment of law, this is a good sign of expertise.

Our Phoenix law firm is thorough. We have access to the top experts, investigators, and other professionals in the field. This allows us to litigate a criminal case in the same manner that we may defend against a civil prosecution. Although the standard of proof is much higher for the prosecution to meet in a criminal prosecution, it can be a roll of the dice to see how things play out because jurors can be irrational. If the prosecutor presents logical evidence of guilt that is strong, they may still acquit. If the evidence is weak, they may still convict.

A jury is one of the few safeguards left on total prosecutorial discretion in this country. We have wandered away from litigating cases at trial because the sentencing schemes have grown to make it too risky. In addition, presenting a strong defense can be challenging and expensive.

We have experience in the following cases:

  • Tax evasion
  • Identity theft
  • Immigration
  • Drug trafficking
  • Firearms violations
  • Corporate crimes
  • White-collar crimes
  • Computer hacking
  • Internet sex stings
  • And many more …

The prosecutors can and do manipulate the evidence in nearly every case to some degree. They want to present the issues as black and white as possible even if the victim was somehow partly responsible for their own injuries. In civil law, this is called comparative or contributory negligence.

If a woman hugs a man, invites him to get close to her, and then complains that he was sexually excited and made sexual advances, a man could be faulted for acting too aggressively if he moves way too fast and she says no but can otherwise be forgiven.

Knowing all these nuances of law isn’t easy. It is hard to find attorneys who think outside the box. Our law firm, however, can be counted upon to provide a supreme level of skill that is bound to gain your favor.

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