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Phoenix Criminal Lawyers

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Phoenix Criminal Lawyers

Advantages Of Hiring Phoenix Criminal Lawyers
Whether you are innocent or guilty when charged with a crime, the United States Constitution grants you the right to have a fair trial and legal representation. However, since most people are confused upon being charged with a crime, they are not able to think clearly and thus make many poor decisions along the way. As a result, their cases rarely turn out as well as they could have under the expertise of knowledgeable criminal lawyers. While you will have the option of having a public defender assigned to you by the court, you will have a much better chance of getting an innocent verdict in court or having the charges against you reduced if you instead hire your own criminal lawyer.

Understanding the Charges
If you have never previously been arrested, you may not understand the differences between a felony and misdemeanor, let alone the serious consequences that could follow if a conviction occurs. Unless you have an experienced criminal lawyer handling your case who can explain the charges to you, give you various scenarios as to how your case could play out, and provide you with trusted advice as to how you should proceed, life-altering mistakes will almost always be made in these situations. Since you won’t be able to make the best decision for your situation until you fully understand what is at stake, hire a criminal lawyer immediately to ensure your rights are protected in every way possible.

Keep Your Case Moving Forward
If you rely on a public defender, you may wind up sitting in a jail cell indefinitely. Since these attorneys sometimes have a hundred or more individuals for whom they are responsible, it is impossible for them to give your case the detailed analysis it deserves. By choosing to hire a criminal lawyer who is well-known for striking deals with prosecutors and keeping cases moving forward in a quick manner, you can avoid languishing in jail and instead be one step closer to regaining your freedom and reputation.

They Know the Law
In many situations where arrests take place, various loopholes exist that can be used to your benefit. For example, if you are facing DUI charges, an experienced criminal lawyer will know breathalyzers are often inaccurate, police officers are not properly trained to use these devices, and that field sobriety tests are often given incorrectly due to poor instructions from officers at the scene. Because of this, your lawyer can cross-examine officers in court, get them to admit they made mistakes during your arrest, and get the charges against you reduced or dropped. By having an attorney on your side who has seen it all in their many years of practicing law, you can use the law to your advantage in ways you never imagined.

Not Making a Bad Situation Worse
When you are arrested and sitting in jail, you may think things cannot get any worse. However, they can quite quickly. From answering questions from police without having an attorney present to agreeing to plea deals with prosecutors without knowing if this is the right thing to do at that moment, a bad situation can turn into a legal nightmare in an instant. Unfortunately, once you have made such decisions, there is no turning back, meaning you will be left with whatever consequences may follow. By hiring a criminal lawyer sooner rather than later, they can immediately examine police reports, talk to prosecutors, and negotiate a deal that may find you emerging as a winner from what seemed like a hopeless situation.

Their Own Investigators
No matter the charges brought against you, there is no case that is ever open and shut, even if the police and prosecutor tell you otherwise. When facing such a situation, it is important you remember that if you hire your own criminal lawyer, your attorney will have their own investigators who can look into the allegations regarding your supposed crime. Many times, investigators working with your criminal lawyer can uncover new evidence, find discrepancies in the evidence police supposedly have against you, and help your lawyer show you are in fact completely innocent. Therefore, never assume that once police conclude their investigation all is finished. In fact, by having a criminal lawyer on your side, the investigation is just getting started.

Communicating With Your Family
If you are in jail, you are of course wondering how your family is taking the situation. If you have hired a criminal lawyer who is determined to defend you as vigorously as possible, they can communicate with your family throughout the process and let them know how your case is progressing. In addition, they can also work with your family and friends to uncover evidence that may be pertinent to your case. By doing so, this gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus more on doing what it takes to win your case.

Filing Motions
In criminal cases, it is not uncommon for prosecutors to ask the court to allow all types of evidence to be used against a defendant. By having a criminal lawyer representing you from day one, they can file motions that can suppress certain types of evidence, move for a dismissal of your charges, and make sure your rights are always protected from beginning to end.

Since each criminal case is unique, you will need a criminal lawyer working for you who can develop a specific and targeted legal strategy for your day in court. Once you have such a lawyer on your side, prosecutors will know they are in for a difficult fight. To keep your rights protected and have the system work in your favor, hire a criminal lawyer today.

Phoenix Criminal Lawyers

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