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Philadelphia physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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Philadelphia physicians assistant license defense lawyers

If you are a Pennsylvania physician’s assistant faces a licensing issue, you need to understand your rights and interests. You need to appreciate the importance of engaging the services of Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers to ensure that those rights an interests fully are protected. With that in mind, there are a number of considerations you need to bear in mind if you are involved with an issue pertaining to your ability to pursue your career.

Common Types of Complaints Regarding a Philadelphia Physician’s Assistant

In this day and age, substance abuse and mental health issues seem to be commonly associated with a complaint involving a physician’s assistant. Unfortunately, when a person is battling addiction, it can impact all other areas of his or her life, including his or her professional life. If you at in this position, you may find that there are avenues available to you that will result in a preservation of your license.

Skilled, experienced Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers have worked with physician’s assistants dealing with a substance abuse issue, mental health condition, or both.

By taking a proactive stance, a lawyer may be able to work out a negotiated settlement of your licensing matter, if this type of situation exists. A resolution is likely to include appropriate substance abuse or mental health treatment. By taking this type of course, you are left in a position at which you can return to your chosen profession.

On occasion, a physician’s assistant gets wrapped up in some sort of Medicare, Medicaid or insurance fraud scheme. Rarely is the physician’s assistant the mastermind behind the scheme. This provides another example of an issue that can impact your license in which early professional legal intervention can be highly beneficial to you.

Negligence complaints and related issues can also result in an action being taken against your license. These types of situations can be challenging and require an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

Rarely does a licensing issue regarding a physician’s assistant arise in isolation. Odds are strong that if you are facing a licensing or disciplinary complaint, that is not the only legal issue on your horizon.

For example, if you are facing a licensing issue arising from a complaint regarding professional negligence, you may also be dealing with a malpractice lawsuit. If an allegation of Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance fraud has been lodged against you, the government may be initiating a civil or criminal action against you, perhaps even both. An addiction problem, like one to alcohol, may have resulted in you facing a DUI prosecution.

Because any one of these different types of legal issues can have a direct impact on your licensing matter, you are well served to find Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers with broad, comprehensive experience. A coordinated defense truly is the best possible defense in a situation that involves the very future of your professional license.

Many Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers have the ability to handle a multi-faceted case in-house. Others have developed cooperative relationships with other attorneys to ensure a client receives a coordinated, comprehensive defense.

Retain Philadelphia Physician’s Assistant License Defense Lawyers

You must take a proactive stance when it comes to protecting your rights and interests as they pertain to your license. The reality is that time and again a physician’s assistant ends up aggravating a situation by not mounting an appropriate and suitable defense in a timely manner.

The first step in engaging the services of a suitable attorney is to schedule an initial consultation. As a general rule, Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers charge no fee for an initial appointment to discuss your case.

At an initial consultation, an attorney will provide you with an evaluation of the situation overall. The attorney is also available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your case.

A key element of the session will be to discuss defense strategies and tactics to best protect your interests during these challenging times. Experienced Philadelphia physician’s assistant license defense lawyers understand what tactics do and do not work when it comes to a licensing issue for a healthcare provider, including a physician’s assistant.

Philadelphia physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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