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Philadelphia physician license defense lawyers

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Philadelphia physician license defense lawyers

A physician’s license controls where and when they are able to practice their trade. After spending years to earn that license, any physician can tell you just how valuable and important that piece of recognition can be.

But once a physician earns their license, they are not able to do whatever they please when practicing medicine. To ensure the strength of the license, physicians must uphold a set of standards and expectations while practicing medicine. If they do not, they may face having their license taken away.

When Might a License Be Taken Away from a Physician?

In order to begin an investigation into whether or not a license should be removed from a physician, someone must first make a complaint. Complaints can be made from patients, from other employees or staff of the hospital, from insurance companies, or even from other physicians.

A complaint means that the physician has acted in some way that is not in line with the responsibilities of their job. This may mean that the client, hospital employee, or insurance company feels that the physician is doing something illegal or that they are simply not acting appropriately for their position.

Complaints may either be minor infractions or could include incredibly serious allegations, sometimes leading to additional cases or trials. Those complaints may include things like unprofessional conduct, not providing adequate health care or providing health care that is unnecessary and potentially dangerous, engaging in inappropriate relationships, or acting unethically.

Once one of these complaints is made against a physician, an investigation against them will begin. During the investigation period, the physician will be required to provide documents, complete interviews, and maybe assist in securing witness testimonies that contribute to the case. Whether or not the claim is true does not matter at this point – the investigation will still continue until the committee decides whether or not there is enough evidence to support the claim.

After all the evidence is gathered, the committee will decide whether or not the physician can keep their license. However, if they decide that the individual should not continue to practice medicine, the physician will lose their job and be unable to secure a new one until their physician’s license is restored.

Because there is so much weighing on an investigation like this, physicians should take them extremely seriously. This usually means by enlisting the help of a Philadelphia Physician License Defense Lawyer.

Philadelphia Physician License Defense Lawyers and How They Can Help

When you are first informed that there is an ongoing investigation on your practice, it is natural to feel nervous and scared about what may happen. But if you know that the claim is not true, you may choose to brush the allegations under the rug and ignore the investigation. Not only can this make it seem like you aren’t cooperating, but it also means you aren’t present to defend yourself if the investigators should find some type of evidence.

Unless you have experience dealing with similar investigations, you will probably be unsure of what you should do or how you should act. But when you hire a Philadelphia Physician License Defense Lawyer, they can hold your hand through the entire process.

As with any legal situation, a lawyer can break down how the process will work and what is expected of you. They can also help you understand your rights, what you need to do, and what you can legally say no to during the investigation. This can help you to maintain your image and stay in a positive light during the investigation.

A Philadelphia Physician License Defense Lawyer can also help you develop a defense and negotiate a lower or shorter punishment if the claims do hold up. However, if you want the best chance of winning your case and maintaining your license and ability to work in your state, you will want to contact a Philadelphia Physician License Defense Lawyer as soon as you know that a claim has been made against you.

When you have your entire future on the line, don’t take anything for granted. Hire a professional to assist you through the process and secure the safety of your physician’s license.

Philadelphia physician license defense lawyers

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