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Philadelphia pharmacist license defense lawyers

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Philadelphia pharmacist license defense lawyers


Philadelphia Pharmacist License Defense Lawyers

If you work in a pharmacy, you know that there is a lot of pressure when it comes to abiding by all of the rules and regulations associated with filling and selling prescriptions. At times, the intense pressure from working or from customers, including family and friends, can make you do things that you normally wouldn’t do that could cause you to be investigated or lose your license to work in a pharmacy. In the event that you have been charged with any kind of act that involves pharmacy fraud, then you need to seek the assistance of an attorney. The attorney can help you understand your rights while being there as a guide who can let you know what could happen throughout the investigation. The attorney can also help in getting a sentence reduced or charges dropped if you can prove that you had nothing to do with the fraud or charges that have taken place. An attorney will look over the case to take decisive action that could save your license so that you can continue to provide the medications and other treatment options that your customers need.

Prescription fraud is one of the common reasons as to why a pharmacist might need an attorney. The worker might fill a prescription with a generic while charging for a name brand medication. Sometimes, the worker might charge an insurance company for a high-priced drug and give one that is similar but costs less for the pharmacy, pocketing the extra money that is made from the sale. Another way that prescriptions are used to make money is when the pharmacist will fill a prescription for a family member or friend and get a certain amount of money for the drugs that are sold. The worker could also write fake prescriptions in order to make money for the pharmacy or himself.

Sometimes, a pharmacist might write prescriptions that aren’t even necessary for a customer. The customer might think that a doctor called in a certain medication but come to find out that there is only one or two medications that have been prescribed. This goes toward insurance fraud as well as other types of fraud that would mean more money for the pharmacist but would also mean that the business could lose its license to fill medications. If the pharmacist fills prescriptions that are known to be forged or forges prescriptions privately, then this is grounds for losing a license as well. The worker might tell customers how to get more medications. One way that this is done is to tell customers to use multiple names. The worker might give a customer names of those who have recently had prescriptions filled who are waiting on them so that they can purchase them instead. The pharmacist would then refill the same medication, charging the insurance company twice instead of once. Some pharmacies will sell medications and items to other pharmacies that might not have access to them or that might be out at the time. The pharmacist would get the money from the sale without many people knowing that it took place.

If criminal charges are filed, then there is a possibility that they could lead to a federal investigation depending on the severity of what has taken place. An attorney can help you understand that even with charges being dropped or reduced, there is still a chance that your license could be suspended or revoked. An attorney will do everything possible to show that you should be able to keep your license after the charges have been dismissed or after the case has been closed.

Philadelphia pharmacist license defense lawyers

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