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Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers

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Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers


Protect Your Professional Career with Philadelphia Dental License Defense Lawyers

The prospect of facing a Philadelphia dental license disciplinary proceeding can be devastating. The prospect of facing a disciplinary process literally threatens your ability to earn a living. Even if you end up being exonerated in the final analysis, the mere fact that you face disciplinary proceedings places your professional reputation as a dentist under a dark cloud.

There are a number of key factors you must bear in mind as a dentist facing disciplinary proceedings. At the top of this list is the crucial importance of getting Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers on your team.

personal Issues and Your Professional Life

You are not alone if you some sort of more personal issue may be impacting your professional endeavors. The reality in Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania, is that a considerable percentage of licensing issues are connected in some way to a substance use, abuse, or addiction issue. Mental health conditions are other contributing factors in some licensing cases as well.

Skilled, experienced Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers know the tactics necessary to assist in defending a licensing or disciplinary matter when there is some sort of mind-altering substance of mental health issue impacted a dentist’s personal and professional life.

Early Legal Intervention

Oftentimes, the key to successfully navigating a dental license or disciplinary issue is the early intervention of tenacious Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers. This can particularly be the case when there is a substance abuse or mental health condition somehow connected to the disciplinary matter.

In a solid percentage of cases involving a dentist with a substance abuse, addiction, or mental health issue, Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers are able to achieve a settled resolution of a case that does not involve a license revocation, or even a suspension. If this is an alternative that might make sense in your case, you are likely to be required to participate in a suitable treatment program, if you have not yet initiated that process on your accord.

Fighting False Allegations

Not all complaints lodged against dentists are grounded in reality. False allegations are lodged against dentists with some regularity. Oftentimes, these false reports come from disgruntled former employees. They also are lodged by former patients who have some sort of grievance that does not rise to the level of professional misfeasance or malfeasance, so they make something up to try and garner some sort of retribution.

You may find yourself facing a false accusation. Human nature being what it is, you may initially have taken the position that a complaint will “just go away,” that it will be dismissed on its own accord. After all, it is false.

Doing nothing, even in light of what you are convinced is a false complaint, is a dangerous stance to take. The stark reality is that even if someone has lodged a false report against you, you must take a proactive stance. You must respond to the contentions, true or not. You best protect your legal and professionals interests, even in the face of what you sincerely believe are patently false allegations, by retaining professional assistance from Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers.

Ancillary Issues

In many cases involving a professional licensing issue, a dentist will also face other legal issues. For example, a dentist may be facing some sort of charge in the criminal justice system, like driving under the influence. A dentist may be facing a lawsuit from a patient who claims malpractice. Identifying Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers with the capacity to address primary as well as ancillary legal issues is crucial in many cases.

Retain Philadelphia Dental License Defense Lawyers

The first step in retaining the assistance of experienced Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers is to schedule an initial consultation. Through an initial consultation, a skilled attorney has the opportunity to provide you with a preliminary revaluation of your case.

During an initial consultation, a discussion of possible defense strategies will also be considered and analyzed. You will also have the opportunity to ask legal counsel any questions that you might have in regard to your case. Keep in mind that an initial consultation with qualified Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers typically are provided a no cost to a prospective client.

Philadelphia dental license defense lawyers

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