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Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

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Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

Facing Prison Time? Hire Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers
If you have been arrested for a serious crime, it is almost certain police have made you aware that a long prison sentence is a possibility. As a result, you are filled with worry and wondering what if anything can be done regarding your case. In these situations, it is never recommended that you hire an inexperienced attorney who does not specialize in criminal defense, or that you choose to rely on public defenders that are used by the court. Instead, you want your legal rights protected from the time you are arrested until your case concludes, which is why you should hire criminal lawyers who possess experience, knowledge, and a willingness to take the fight to prosecutors.

Examining the Investigation
Once you hire your own criminal lawyer, they can get right to work examining all aspects of the investigation that led to your arrest. In many cases, police get fixated on a particular suspect, and are determined to gather and use any types of evidence possible to get an arrest. However, some evidence may be inadmissible in court due to illegal search and seizure tactics used by police. Unless you have a lawyer on your side who can point this out to the court, you may stand little chance of winning your case.

Upholding the Constitution
Though most police officers are upstanding individuals, there are those who wear the badge and care little about upholding the rights of those who are accused of crimes. If you have dealt with one of these officers during the course of your arrest, you may be facing a long road ahead if you choose to pursue a strategy on your own. For example, police may be successful in pressuring you to speak to them without having an attorney with you to offer advice. Should this happen, your conviction is all but certain. By hiring a criminal lawyer and refusing to offer any statements to police unless your attorney is present, your constitutional rights will be upheld, resulting in you not being taken advantage of by officers who are determined to see you sitting in prison.

Clear Explanations of Your Situation
If you make an appearance in court without having hired a skilled criminal lawyer, you will hear many terms that are confusing at best. Also, you may become intimidated by the proceedings, allowing the judge and prosecutor to lead you down the wrong path for your particular case. Yet once you have a criminal lawyer acting as your legal counsel, they can offer clear explanations of each step of your case, what to expect next, and various outcomes that could result based on evidence and other factors.

Talking to Witnesses
In almost any criminal case, prosecutors will rely on the testimony of witnesses. However, just because a person acts as a witness in court does not mean what they say is credible or correct. But to make this clear to a judge or jury, you will need a criminal lawyer who is skilled in questioning and placing reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. By interviewing witnesses prior to your trial and then cross-examining them when they testify, your attorney can paint you in a more favorable light, while showcasing the discrepancies that are present in the testimony of key prosecution witnesses.

Working with the Prosecution
Yes, in many instances your criminal lawyer will work with the prosecution in order to reach a plea agreement that will get your case resolved much faster than anticipated. While on the surface this may sound to you as if your lawyer is selling you out to the prosecution, it is anything but that. Instead, since your criminal lawyer knows quite well how local prosecutors handle cases such as yours, they can negotiate terms for a reduction in the charges against you. As an example, if you originally had felony charges brought against you, your attorney may be able to get these reduced to a misdemeanor. This can be significant, since it will mean possibly a fine and probation or community service, rather than several years in prison.

Devoted to Your Case
By immediately hiring a criminal lawyer once you are charged with a crime, you will have an attorney who is devoted to your case. After all, the last thing you need is an attorney who holds your fate in their hands and acts as if they could care less if you are convicted and shipped off to prison. Since what may seem like somewhat simple criminal cases can often involve numerous complexities, uncovering a key piece of evidence or discovering a mistake made by police during the investigation can turn your case around in a hurry.

Your Life Could Forever Change
If you are convicted of a crime, your life could forever change. Along with being away from your family for years if you receive a prison sentence, you will face many difficulties upon being released. Since you will have a criminal record, getting a job, loans, or even casting a vote may become impossible. In addition, your financial situation may be ruined, and your personal and professional reputation may be beyond repair. Due to the many consequences that could result if your case goes awry, never think you can turn your case over to attorneys who don’t deal with criminal cases regularly, or worse yet decide you will act as your own counsel in court. Instead, do the smart thing and hire an experienced criminal lawyer at once.

If you are facing prison time or other severe consequences due to a crime that you allegedly committed, don’t procrastinate and let prosecutors get the upper hand. Instead, place your trust in a reputable criminal lawyer.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

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