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Philadelphia Child Pornography Lawyers

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Defending Against Child Pornography Charges: Types, Penalties, and Legal Help

Child pornography is a horrific crime that involves exploiting vulnerable minors for perverse sexual gratification. It is a despicable act, utterly illegal, and those who engage in creating, distributing, selling, or exporting child pornography face the full, unrelenting force of the law. This in-depth article explores how to defend against child pornography charges by delving into various types of offenses and possible defenses available to prevent a devastating conviction. Furthermore, it covers the severe and life-altering penalties associated with these crimes in Pennsylvania and highlights the urgency and necessity for seeking expert legal help as soon as possible.

Types of Child Pornography Offenses

There are multiple forms of child pornography offenses that a person can be prosecuted under, based on state or federal laws. These reprehensible acts include:

  1. Visual representations: This type encompasses creating and distributing deplorable visual depictions (photos or videos) of minors engaging in sexual activities or showcasing obscene parts of their bodies.
  2. Encouraging sexual activity: A despicable adult who incites a minor to participate in any form of immoral sexual activity can also be charged with a child pornography offense.
  3. Describing sexual activity: Producing and sharing written accounts of children engaging in vile, sexually explicit acts can lead to criminal charges under child pornography laws.

Defenses Against Child Pornography Charges

When facing gut-wrenching allegations associated with child pornography possession or distribution, a few potentially life-saving defenses could help you secure your freedom and save your reputation:

  1. Lack of Possession Defense: You could passionately argue that the repugnant materials found on your computer or other devices were accessed and used by others without your consent or knowledge.
  2. Content Not Considered Child Pornography Defense: Content must feature children horrifically engaged in sexually explicit acts to qualify as “child” pornography; otherwise, it’s exempted from this classification.
  3. Unintended Possession Defense: You may fight the charges if someone callously sent you a communication containing distasteful images involving minors that were unsolicited, or if you accidentally stumbled upon such appalling materials.
  4. Illegal Search Defense: Assertively argue that the search conducted on your property was illegal, rendering any abhorrent evidence obtained inadmissible in court.
  5. Psychological Addiction Defense: If convicted of child pornography possession or distribution, you may present psychological addiction as a defense strategy to obtain a comparatively lighter sentence.

Penalties for Child Pornography in Pennsylvania

Child pornography is loathingly considered a second-degree felony in Pennsylvania. Punishment typically includes spending up to ten years in prison. However, the severity of consequences escalates depending on the number of prior convictions:

Number of Prior Convictions Fine Range Imprisonment Range
No prior convictions $15,000 – $25,000 Up to 5 years
One prior conviction $25,000 – $50,000 Up to 7 years
Two or more prior convictions $50,000 – $100,000 Up to 10 years

Get Legal Help As Soon As Possible

If you find yourself ensnared in unfathomable charges related to child pornography offenses in Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States, seek legal assistance immediately! An attorney can use their years of expertise to explore available defense strategies and help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Engaging professional legal help during this time could lead to charges being dropped or reduced – giving you a chance to recover from an indescribably challenging ordeal!


In conclusion, child pornography is one of the most heinous and morally bankrupt crimes against children. It is crucial to remember that it is absolutely illegal under both state and federal laws, and those implicated in making, distributing, selling, or exporting pornographic materials involving children face harsh penalties if found guilty. Defending against such heinous allegations demands skilled and experienced attorneys who can tirelessly fight to protect their clients’ rights and maintain the integrity of the justice system. so that justice prevails at all times!

Philadelphia Child Pornography Lawyers

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