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Pharmacy Inspections Lawyers

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Pharmacy Inspections Lawyers

If you own a pharmacy and learn that you are under investigation or have been inspected and have received some kind of allegation about the way that the business operates, then consider talking to an attorney about the issues that you’re facing. An attorney can assist with violations pertaining to your license as well as fraud involving prescriptions or fraud involving medical billing. After the allegations are brought forth, most cases are tried in front of the Board of Pharmacy. If found guilty, then you could lose your license to operate a pharmacy or work in an environment that involves medications.

Attorneys can represent pharmacists as well as technicians who work in pharmacies. Other healthcare officials who have been charged with any kind of issue involving medications can be represented by an attorney as well if assistance is needed. When you meet with an attorney about the allegations against you, the attorney can write letters about various issues pertaining to pharmacists including the method of dispensing, various types of medical foods, and supplements. The attorney can also assist with writing letters about payments from insurance companies for medications and supplements.

Contracts can be prepared for everyone involved with the prescription industry. The structure of a business venture can also be crafted by an attorney if a new pharmacist wants to start working. Most attorneys will work with pharmacy boards in order to file waivers when needed or when filing documents pertaining to rules associated with the professional pharmacy industry.

In the event that you are under investigation regarding issues about prescription medications or other practices that have taken place in the pharmacy, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that the proper defense tactic can be put together. There is no requirement to make a statement to the pharmacy board. The only person that you have to speak with is your attorney. There is no need to send any type of resume or any documents to an investigator. The attorney will work to put together the documents that need to be filed. Keep in mind that you have a legal right not to say anything that would be incriminating against yourself. Sometimes, malpractice insurance will pay for attorney fees as well as other fees that you might incur. After the investigation begins and after it’s complete, you have the right to get a copy of the details.

If there is an investigation pending, avoid submitting your license to the state. Your attorney can often work in your favor to ensure that you keep your license throughout the investigation until a decision made by a judge. Avoid asking for a formal hearing as your attorney can usually meet with investigators outside of court to come to a decision about your license and the allegations that have been filed against you. If there is a decision that impacts your license, then this information is placed on record nationally so that other pharmacies will know that you are unable to work in this field until the time stated in the sentence is complete.

Pharmacy Inspections Lawyers

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