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NYC RAC Lawyers | New York Rac Attorneys

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NYC RAC Lawyers | New York Rac Attorneys

Raiser & Kenniff’s RAC lawyers can help you with all types of issues pertaining to RAC audits. As most physicians and healthcare providers know, Recovery Audit Contractors contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in order to find overpayments and underpayments for services billed. RAC’s review claims submitted by healthcare providers, and try to identify improper payments. Because they are paid on a contingency fee basis – RAC’s are highly motivated when it comes to finding claims that were improperly paid. As a result, healthcare providers dread hearing from an RAC auditor. Their contingency fee is based on the amount of money collected and/or returned.

The RAC program is permanent, and is active in all states, including New York. RAC’s look for improper types if payments, such as those pertaining to incorrectly coded services, non-covered services, duplicate services, and other incorrect payments made. RAC denials can be appealed the medicare appeals process. Raiser & Kenniff has experience handling third party payor audits, and has unique strategies for reducing overpayment demands.

Track record of success

If you’re a medical provider in New York, then the RAC program is something you’re aware of. You need an NYC rac lawyer who understands how to handle it, and how to protect your rights. At our law firm, we counsel healthcare providers in New York on a wide array of complex issues, including the RAC audit process. Our NYC Rac Lawyers can help regardless of which stage you’re at with the RAC process. If you’re facing an audit, or if you’re looking to appeal the results of an audit, we encourage you to contact our law firm today.


RAC is a private company which audits medical providers on behalf of the CMS. The RAC for New York is Diversified Collection Services, Inc – a company our NYC RAC attorneys are very familiar with. We can help all of the following types of medical providers:

-Hospitals + health systems

-DME providers

-Skilled nursing facilities

-Radiology providers and diagnostic testing facilities

-Ambulatory surgery centers

-Physicians and physician groups

-Hospice and home health agency providers

We can help

Our attorneys have many years of experience representing providers in New York and NYC. We understand how to help you fight an audit, and how to implement preventative measures to prevent future issues.



NYC RAC Lawyers | New York Rac Attorneys

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