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NYC Misdemeanor Lawyers

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NYC Misdemeanor Lawyers

Misdemeanors & Violations
After being charged with a misdemeanor of any kind, an attorney can assist in presenting the evidence that you have to the court before you’re sentenced. Since a misdemeanor isn’t as severe as a felony, there are a few different ways that the consequences can play out in court. Your criminal background and the nature of your crime can often be factors when the court determines your sentence. Keep in mind that even a minor misdemeanor charge and conviction could have significant impacts on your personal and professional life, which is why you want to handle the charges with the assistance of an attorney.

When you go to court and are convicted of a class “A” misdemeanor, then you could be sentenced to up to a year in jail. If you are charged with a violation, you could still face significant consequences. However, you likely won’t spend time in jail. Instead, you will usually be placed on probation or be sentenced to community service or classes that relate to your charges. Even though a violation isn’t as severe, you still need to deal with it as soon as possible without neglecting the possible consequences that you could face. Some violations could remain on your criminal record even if you don’t serve any time in jail, which is why you need to carefully consider how you plead to the violations that you face. Domestic violence violations often stay on your record and can impact various areas of your life. You could also spend up to 15 days in jail after being charged with a violation even though it’s not a crime like a misdemeanor or a felony and even though the actions that you committed aren’t as severe.

There are a few different classes of misdemeanors to consider. There are no separate classes regarding violations, but the court will usually look at the severity of the crime and what you were doing at the time the incident occurred. A class “A” misdemeanor is one that is often considered the most severe in the court system. Common crimes in this class include larceny and criminal possession of a weapon. Some of the consequences that you could face from this type of charge include community service and time in jail. You’ll usually only spend up to a year in jail, and if you’ve been incarcerated while awaiting trial, then you’ll likely get credit for the time that you’ve already served.

A class “B” misdemeanor cal also result in time in jail, but usually not quite as long. Marijuana possession is a common charge in this class. If you attempt to commit any kind of class “A” misdemeanor but fail to complete the act, then you will usually be charged automatically with this class of misdemeanor. Community service, a protection order, fines and fees, and jail up to 90 days could be sentences that you receive when you go to court to face this kind of charge.

There are also a few unclassified misdemeanors that are still serious in nature but that aren’t listed as significantly as others. Most of the time, these are traffic charges that usually result in a fine that needs to be paid. You likely won’t need to spend any time in jail if you are charged and convicted of this type of misdemeanor. A violation is the least severe of the charges that you could receive. Harassment and disorderly conduct are some of the common charges that are considered violations. There are also numerous types of traffic violations that you would need to go to court to handle including speeding and driving with an expired registration.

Aside from the charge itself and the conviction, you’re going to need to keep in mind the other consequences that you’re going to face after you leave the court. It’s possible that you could face immigration court from some charges or even federal charges in the future if there is enough evidence against you regarding anything from drug charges to sex crimes. You’re going to likely deal with the consequences that you face throughout personal relationships and professional endeavors whether you’re charged with a violation or a class “A” misdemeanor that results in a minimal jail sentence.

NYC Misdemeanor Lawyers

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