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NYC Family Law Appeals Lawyers

One of the most necessary types of lawyers today are Family Law Appeals Lawyers. As laws change each month, attorneys know via their local jurists but the common people of America are uninformed of these regularly changing laws. In cases involving the family courts, attorneys and common people alike need to know about the changes made to the law so they are up to speed with any documentation or other steps they need to take. If a new document is deemed necessary to keep your case active, then people need to know about this lest their case is dismissed before things are even handled.

Another change that frequently happens is a change to the timeframe for the appeals in the family court. The previous law used to state that an appeal must be filed within 20 days after a court hearing, and then it changed to be 30 days. Knowing all of this type of information is imperative to getting the case handled and not excused because of simply not knowing the rules. Even if your paperwork is all filled out correctly, if it is filed even one day past this window of time, it will not be looked at all.

If you are working with an attorney, you don’t have to worry about the laws changing and you not being notified because lawyers are the first to know about any changes to the law that might occur. One example of this is the amount required in court fees – this number changes every six months but the public doesn’t know about the changes until 12 months later. An attorney will know this right away and can help you navigate the court process by being up to date on all of the laws. Knowing how much you owe is important because you will ultimately be paying two separate fees – one to the courthouse in your county, as well as the appellate courthouse who will be receiving your appeal.

While it is important to know the rules for filing and paying for an appeal, understanding the process in full is the only way to be successful in this whole process. The one person you can count on to always be up to speed with the changing laws and the ins and outs of the process are Family Law Appeals Lawyers. One of the big rules that must be followed is that while the case is in appeal status, the lower court cannot have anything to do with the case at all. What this means is that if a parent has a custody problem arise, it will not be looked at by the court until the appeal is handled. There are many cases where the parents are not aware of this rule and end up canceling the appeal in order to have a court hearing at the lower-court level because they find that issue to be more pressing than the appeal they recently filed. If you are working with a Family Law Appeals Lawyer, they will tell you this rule before you file your initial appeal and pay the fees that are due, in hopes of helping you save money and be more aware of the process in full.

Another rule is that the opposite court has the right to make motions and decide on them as well. Many people are unfamiliar with this rule too, but those working with an attorney are very aware of everything that goes into the court appeals process. If a motion is filed in the case, it must be done in person – which could require you traveling if you don’t live in Manhattan already. A lot of people have been known to take their motions to the family courthouse when an appeal is in process and it ends up being a waste of time because they aren’t in the correct location and nothing can be done until a decision is made on the appeal. All paperwork must be taken directly to the appellate court which can be found in the capital city, Manhattan. If you try to take it somewhere else, it will not be reviewed and you will be sent across the state to the correct location.

When trying to find the right Family Law Appeals lawyer to work with, many people hunt for someone who knows about the appeals process, which is not what you need to look for. You need to find a lawyer who is skilled and educated and knows the ropes of the family court process. The appeals process is considered to be easier out of everything involved in the family court process as a whole. Because of the many aspects of the family court, you need to make sure you are working with someone who can help you navigate all of the aspects of the appellate court.

By searching in the phonebook or looking online, you can find the best NYC Family Law Appeals Lawyers who can help you with your case. The best attorneys will use the phonebook for advertising so they are found by anyone who is willing to pay and use their service. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500-$3,000 in your initial fees in working with a Family Law Appeals Lawyer.

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