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National Security International Arbitration Litigation Defense Lawyers

July 5, 2020 New York Lawyers

The United States government never tolerates any form of threat to national security. Companies, individuals, or transactions perceived to be a threat to national security are often monitored and face the full force of the law is found culpable.

Military operations and law enforcement agencies of the United States are the ones charged with the responsibility of protecting citizens and businesses in the country.

Anything that appears to threaten the security of people or businesses is never taken lightly by the federal government.

This is good news for American citizens and their businesses. The government does everything to ensure that citizens are protected from both domestic and foreign aggressors. That’s why it is important to comply with all the laws meant to protect us.

For companies and businesses that deal with matters concerning national security, the need of complying with national security laws is paramount.

There are also significant risks posed by foreign companies and individuals. Consequently, the federal government has a number of laws designed to avert all forms of threats to national security.

Besides, there are extradition treaties that give federal agencies powers to prosecute foreign citizens in the United States Courts.

National security compliance defense lawyers

Several law firms specialize in representing companies and individuals in matters concerning national security. Some of them have cybercrime and national security attorneys with extensive experience in dealing with issues to do with national security.

The good thing is that some law firms comprise lawyers who have previously worked in federal government agencies such as the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), Office of the Inspector General (OIG) among others.

This means they understand what federal investigators look for when cracking down on businesses and individuals suspected to be compromising national security laws.

Compliance to national security

There are several security laws or acts that every business is supposed to comply with. Failure of which can lead to very serious consequences.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

The FCPA act bars American citizens and businesses from transacting with foreign companies that engage in bribery and other corrupt activities.

The FCPA act was amended in 1998 to include foreign nationals and companies that operate in the United States soil.

In the recent past, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has started using the FCPA act to target businesses and individuals that pose a threat to the country’s national security. Working with an experienced lawyer will help you to understand and comply with all the provisions of the FCPA act.

Export/Import compliance

Companies and individuals actively involved in the import and export business are likely to find themselves being confronted with the issues of national security.

In fact, they are always under the radar of federal security agents to ensure that they have complied with provisions of various acts with regards to national security.

Many companies engage in exporting different types of products and services – from technology to all manner of equipment. It is easy to bypass or take for granted some of the security laws. That’s why having a great legal team to advise can help a lot.

Compliance to Exon-Florio/FINSA

According to the Foreign Investment and National Security Act (FINSA) and the Defense Production Act, all foreign companies in the United States are subject to review the CFIUS – Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States.

The purpose of the review will be to assess if a foreign company can be considered a threat to the country’s national security or not.

Anti-cybercrime laws

National security and anti-cybercrime enforcement go hand in hand with the federal government level. In the latest move, the Department of Justice has been focusing on espionage and corrupt influences from countries such as China.

However, federal investigation agencies are alive to the fact that cybercrime is a global problem that poses a threat to national security.

Government contracting

Companies that deal with defense, technology, construction and other federal government projects have a high chance of being targeted by federal security agencies for violating national security laws.

It is vital that such companies prioritize compliance with national security and cybercrime laws. They should also come up with mechanisms of promptly reporting any incidents they feel are a threat to national security



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