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Lawyers For Hospitals & Health Systems

June 18, 2016

Hospitals, private practices, healthcare facilities and medical service providers may find themselves faced with a number of unique legal challenges. The services of a skilled attorney can be invaluable when it comes to any of the following issues:

  • Ensuring compliance with medical and administrative regulations
  • Obtaining a favorable ruling for legal suits
  • Providing medical and administrative professionals with superior legal guidance

Hospitals and other facilities can better protect themselves by finding an attorney who has the right experience, case history and expertise with medical-legal issues and ensuring they are dealing with a firm that can provide the full range of services and assistance that may be required.

Finding Legal Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The laws and regulations that govern the medical industry are numerous, complex and subject to near-constant changes. Understanding these regulations and complying with all guidelines that may pertain to the day to day operations of a hospital or health care system can be far more difficult undertaking for those who lack access to formal legal services and professional assistance. Attorneys who specialize in dealing with the specific legal needs of hospitals and other organizations within the healthcare industry are often a key asset.

Retaining an on-site legal professional or staffing a legal department may entail considerable expense. When it comes to ensuring that administrators and healthcare providers are better able to navigate tedious and complex regulations, obtaining the legal services of a qualified attorney is often the best solution. Working alongside an experienced lawyer or firm can ensure that facilities are able to more easily understand and comply with any and all regulations.

Professionals and Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers who lack professional representation or access to quality legal services may be placing themselves at greater risk than they might realize. Effective legal representation is absolutely crucial for individuals who may be dealing with the following issues:

  • Finding and selecting the best malpractice insurance
  • Participating in a formal audit or investigation
  • Dealing with any situations that may result in costly fines or the loss of a professional licence

Even a small mistake or minor infraction can result in serious consequences and facility managers would be wise to ensure that all employees and associates can obtain the assistance and services that only an experienced attorney may be able to bring to the table.

Audits and Financial Issues

Private insurers and even independent contractors who may who may be concerned about payment irregularities or medical billing practices may have the option or initiating a formal financial audit. Individual healthcare providers may also be the target of an audit due to specific circumstances that may indicate a greater likelihood of past or current infractions and misconduct. Audits may even be the result of a random selection process intended to help reduce the excessive healthcare spending. Whatever the cause of an audit, access to formal legal resources, services and assistance can ensure that hospitals and health systems are better equipped to protect themselves, their interests and their staff.

Regulatory Compliance Infractions

Failing to comply with any of the standing regulations governing almost every aspect of health system operations and medical practices can result in numerous problems. Smaller practices and organizations commonly lack the on-site professionals needed to oversee such issues and even larger well-established health systems may occasionally require outside assistance. Performing periodic assessments and internal audits can greatly reduce the risk of a regulatory or compliance related issue. The relatively small cost needed to obtain legal assistance can often be a worthwhile investment, especially considering that even small infractions can easily lead to costly fines and additional legal fees.

Malpractice Suits and Licence Defense

Being the target of a malpractice suit or other legal action is a very serious matter, one that may require professionals to seek out formal representation and legal guidance in order to better protect themselves. Depending on the nature and severity of the suit, defendants may find themselves required to pay legal fees, financial compensation for the plaintiff and may even be faced with the restriction or loss of their medical license. Attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice suits can be a key asset, one that may allow medical professionals and health system administrators to ensure a more favorable ruling, outcome or verdict.



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