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Lawyers For Ambulatory Surgery Centers

June 19, 2016

Some health care providers face complicated legal issues because of their specialty like Ambulatory Surgical Centers or ASC’s. Ambulatory Surgical Centers specialize in same-day surgical procedures that give the patients the opportunity to do their recovery at home. Our attorneys provide a wide range of legal service for Ambulatory Surgical Centers utilizing our many years of experience to provide you with best representation for a successful outcome.

Practice Areas
Our attorneys have a profound understanding of the Ambulatory Surgical Center governing regulations and can provide direction on many of the issues an Ambulatory Surgical Center faces including:
• ASC Safe Harbor, Anti-Kickback Statute and compliance with the Stark Law
• Issues with fraud, abuse counseling and waste
• Development of an ASC
• Heath care system, hospital and doctor joint ventures
• The sale or purchase of equity interest
• Licensing issues and Certificates of Need
• Issues with HIPPA law compliance including HIPPA privacy and issues with breach notification
• Issues with Medicare ‘s Conditions for Coverage and Conditions of Participation compliance
Medicare and Medicaid coding and payment regulations
appeals and audits including those related to RAC, ZPIC, private payers and Medicare and Medicaid
• Issues with contractual and transactional agreements
• Corporate governance, structural and operations issues
• Other matters related to Ambulatory Surgical Center industry regulations or health care law

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Legal Experience
Our attorneys have a vast knowledge of the different areas related to Ambulatory Surgical Centers and it’s industry with the most specific areas including:
• The development of Ambulatory Surgical Centers and joint ventures with physicians, hospitals and other health care centers may seem to be an easy and straightforward process but that is often not the case. There can be several compliance issues that can become a problem if the resulting transaction could result in one of the doctors or owners being able to get referrals from any new physicians or owners. Knowledgeable legal consultants are needed to avoid these types of circumstances and our attorneys have the experience and the knowledge necessary to give you the guidance you need through these situations.
• The purchase and sale of an Ambulatory Surgical Center and membership interests – Purchasing an Ambulatory Surgical Center can be just as confusing as a joint venture and also requires cautious persistence to make sure that the seller is complaint with Medicare claims and other regulatory issues. Buyers must be cautious of the necessary actions to transfer Medicare billing privileges and any certificates of need. Sellers must also be concerned with many other issues including admitting members and the voluntary and involuntary terminations that are related to the Ambulatory Surgical Centers. Our attorneys help advise clients on all of these matters so that the buying or selling of an Ambulatory Surgical Center can go as smoothly as possible with no legal issues to deal with.
• Help with compliance plans specifically an Ambulatory Surgical Center’s Medicare’s Conditions of Participation and Conditions for Coverage. Our attorneys can help you with these and other compliance matters including Stark Law, Medicare reimbursement regulations, HIPPA, Stark law, and federal anti-kickback statutes. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in drafting documents that include privacy and security manuals.
• Audits necessitate an aggressive defense from a knowledgeable and experienced team of attorneys that understand all the stages in the process, including appeals. Our attorneys have extensive experiences with ZPIC, RAC, MAC, Medicare and Medicaid and third party payer audits. Our attorneys will also work closely with their clients through the entire process advising clients with payment suspensions or pre-payment reviews. We also provide a tailored approach to each client’s unique case and will draft the written submissions and position papers needed for your case.

Recent Focus Areas of Ambulatory Surgical Centers
The health care laws are always changing especially the laws regulating Ambulatory Surgical Centers. Therefore, it is imperative to understand what recent experience a law firm has had. Our attorneys are proud to have focused significantly on the following areas recently:
• Model arrangements compliance
• Regulatory safe harbors and sales of equity interests compliance
• Violations of HIPAA compliance
• Payers with out-of-network business

Our attorneys have extensive experience with the laws and issues relating to Ambulatory Surgical Centers. They will help tailor their approach to your specific needs and issues to help you achieve the best possible outcome.



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