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Import/Export Law Lawyers

June 22, 2020

Import/Export Law

Importers and exporters who conduct international trade across American  borders face a long list of law enforcement risks and compliance obligations. Our attorneys assist foreign and domestic businesses with all federal import/export situations.


For domestic and foreign entities engaged in international trade across U.S. borders, federal compliance must be among the highest priorities. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other federal agencies tightly enforce the nation’s import and export control legislation, and importers and exporters are obligated to a host of compliance obligations – and law enforcement risks – under other federal laws. 


Non-compliance can lead to administrative, civil, and criminal penalties for importers and exporters. In order to avoid these penalties, importers and exporters need to make compliance a top priority, and they need to engage experienced defense attorneys at the first indication of an impending federal audit or investigation.


Import/Export Matters Handled by A Team of Federal Compliance and Defense Lawyers and Former Federal Agents Nationwide

At Spodek Law Group, our federal compliance and defense attorneys represent U.S.-based and foreign companies in all import and export-related cases. You may have queries about U.S. federal customs and import trade regulations or perhaps you are in need of assistance dealing with CBP or the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) with regards to a restricted foreign party.  Our team of lawyers can help you comprehend your company’s options and obligations. If your business or one of your trade partners is the target of an ongoing federal investigation, we can represent you on defense with a strategy focused on preventing charges from being filed. 


On top of our federal compliance and defense lawyers, many of whom are former federal prosecutors, our legal team also includes former high-ranking agents with the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies. When advising our clients with regards to import and export matters, we depend upon our attorneys’ and former agents’ well established federal experience to bring profound insights, custom-tailored strategies, and practical solutions designed to evade federal scrutiny.


Import and Export Compliance Services We Offer

In the compliance realm, we counsel businesses of all sizes with all manner of import and export operations. Whether you are a start-up and need assistance building a compliance program from scratch, or you require legal counsel to reevaluate and update your company’s existing compliance initiatives, we can bring you a solution to meet your needs. 


U.S. Federal Import Compliance

As far as federal import compliance, we provide representation for the development of internal regulations and controls, auditing of the current compliance program, evaluation of individual shipments and transactions, and creation of new controls based on CBP rulings and other federal guidance. We furnish these services in connection with matters including, but not limited to:


  • Compliance and Training for US Customs
  • Certification from Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • Compliance with CBP Rulings
  • Due Diligence Review of Foreign Suppliers, Brokers and Other Third Parties
  • Reconciliation Programs, Duty Reduction Programs, Protests, and Exemptions
  • Compliance with Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Classification
  • Exclusion Requests (Including those Under Section 232 and Section 301)
  • Importer of Record (IOR) Agreements 
  • Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) Programs
  • Internal Audits and Investigations
  • Compliance with NAFTA (USMCA) and Other Free Trade Agreements
  • OFAC General and Specific Licenses
  • Requests for Tariff Exclusion
  • Prior Disclosures 
  • Compliance in Software Licensing, Technology Transfers, and Other Special Issues 


Compliance with U.S. Federal Exporting Regulations

For your federal export compliance needs, we are at your service to assist companies in all sectors with avoiding situations that have the potential to slow down (or threaten to stall) cross-border transactions and draw the scrutiny of officials from CBP, OFAC, the FBI, and other federal agencies. Our services include legal advice for one-off transactions to full-scale, organization-wide compliance. Included in this is compliance representation for needs such as: 


  • Compliance in Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and Other Licensing
  • Compliance and Response to CBP Notice
  • Compliance in Automated Export System (AES) Filing
  • Requests for Commodity Classification
  • Denied and Restricted Party Screening  
  • Compliance with Export Trade Regulation
  • Policies and Practices in Detention and Seizure
  • Sanction, Embargo, and Other OFAC Compliance Matters
  • Determinations and Compliance for Exceptions and Exemptions
  • Classifications in Export Classification Control Number (ECCN)
  • Licensing in Export Control
  • Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Internal Audits and Investigations 
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Registrations, Notifications of Changes, and Classifications
  • Prior Disclosures
  • Technology Transfers, Software Licensing, and Other Special Compliance Issues 


Federal Import/Export Defense Representation

While it is generally the best defense strategy to practice proactive compliance, in certain scenarios, it becomes impossible to avoid scrutiny from federal agencies. If your company is under investigation by the FBI, CBP, OFAC, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), or any other federal law enforcement agency, it will be imperative for you to engage federal defense counsel as quickly as possible. 


In addition to giving our clients full-service compliance representation, we represent importers, exporters, and other business clients in federal law enforcement investigations as well. We provide nationwide defense representation for federal import/export audits and investigations under laws and regulations including, but not limited to:


  • ATCA (Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act)
  • EAR (Export Administration Regulations)
  • FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
  • INTERDICT Act (International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response by Detecting Incoming Contraband with Technology Act)
  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)


We work with clients that have been served with target letters, federal subpoenas, civil investigative demands (CIDs), and all other types of federal law enforcement inquiries. While a great deal of our practice is dedicated to representing clients in the investigative phase, we have a wealth of experience in pre-trial practice, federal grand jury proceedings, and civil and criminal trial litigation also. 


Why Work With Spodek Law Group for Import/Export Compliance or Defense?

Spodek Law Group is a federal compliance and defense specialist that represents businesses nationwide in import, export, and other federal concerns. The former federal prosecutors and agents on our team set us apart from other firms, as does our long running experience in the areas of federal compliance and defense. 


Import and export problems present unique challenges; and, as a result, they necessitate a unique approach. At Spodek Law Group, we can provide:


  1. A Legal Team for Import/Export Matters

At Spodek Law Group, we don’t simply bosat about our “team” of lawyers and former federal agents. Instead, we really take a team approach to representing our clients. Every one of our attorneys brings his or her unique knowledgebase to every case we work on, and our former agents get involved with clients’ audits and investigations on an as-needed basis when our clients can benefit from their palar rticuareas of federal expertise. 


  1. Compliance Programs that are Comprehensive and Custom-Tailored

We don’t provide our clients “off the shelf” compliance packages for one  simple reason: They fail to deliver. For an import or export control compliance program to work as it should, it has to be custom-tailored to the specific operations, trade partners, legal risks, and business needs of the company. As import or export compliance counsel for your company, we will make certain that you have the policies, protocols, procedures, and documentation you require to remain compliant on an ongoing basis. 


  1. Defense Representation that is Proactive

As federal defense counsel for import and export matters, we employ a proactive strategy for  protecting our clients’ legal and financial interests. In the course of audits and investigations, we zero in on achieving a favorable outcome for our client before federal charges can be filed. In federal import/export cases, even seemingly minute and inadvertent miscues can result in substantial exposure. Whether your company is at risk for civil penalties or your shareholders or executives are at risk for criminal prosecution, we can employ our experience to protect you. 


  1. Nationwide Availability 24/7

We offer representation across the United States for import and export matters, and our lawyers and former agents are at your service 24/7. As our client, if you want to reach out to us for any reason, we want you to get in touch with us immediately. If you are not a current client but you require legal representation on an emergency basis, our attorneys and former agents can get on thejob immediately and start building your company’s compliance or defense strategy. 


  1. Federal Experience Beyond Import/Export Regulations and Controls

While we can furnish profound insights for issues specific to federal import and export regulations and controls, we do much more than that. Our practice envelopes many other areas of federal compliance and defense also.  This includes realms that are commonly implicated in import/export fraud investigations. For instance, in criminal matters, shareholders and executives at the company will customarily face the risk of prosecution for money laundering, conspiracy, wire fraud, and other federal crimes. We have a proven track record of success defending clients against these types of allegations, and we can put this experience to use to your advantage. 


Talk to a Federal Import/Export Lawyer at Spodek Law Group

No matter what your company’s needs, regardless of how much is at stake, and regardless of the urgency, our team of lawyers and former agents is at ready help. We can advise you, represent you, and advocate for a profitable verdict on your company’s behalf, circumstances notwithstanding. Give us a call today to learn more about our practice, and let us give you a picture of how we can use our deep knowledge and vast experience in complex federal matters to your company’s advantage.



Spodek Law Group have offered me excellent support and advice thru a very difficult time. I feel I've dealt with someone who truly cares and wants the best outcome for you and yours. I'm extremely grateful for all the help Spodek Law Group has offered me. I can't recommend them enough.

~ David Bruce

Spodek Law Group was incredibly professional and has given me the best advice I could wish for. They had been helpful and empathetic to my stressful situation. Would highly recommend Spodek Law Group to anyone I meet.

~ Rowlin Garcia

Best service I ever had. Todd is absolutely class personified. You are in the safest hands with spodek. They have their clients interest in mind.

~ Francis Anim

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