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Healthcare Defense Tricare Fraud Lawyers

June 30, 2020

Similar to the more well-known program Medicare, Tricare is a federal healthcare program focusing on active-duty military members, veterans, reservists, and their families. Like Medicare, it pays out billions of dollars annually to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and other providers who perform various services. Yet just as it is with Medicare, numerous amounts of fraud take place each year. Considered a problem that is growing each year, Tricare fraud is now being taken very seriously by federal prosecutors. Though some individuals and businesses that engage in Tricare fraud do so knowing exactly what they are doing is illegal, many others commit fraud unknowingly. Yet regardless of the circumstances surrounding the fraud, it will be important for those facing such allegations to hire experienced healthcare defense Tricare fraud lawyers to represent them in court.

Complex Schemes
In many cases where Tricare fraud is alleged to have occurred, individuals and businesses create elaborate and complex schemes so that they can receive kickbacks and other financial rewards. Yet in many Tricare fraud cases, it is a local pharmacy or healthcare provider who simply misinterprets rules and thus submits claims that may appear to be fraudulent. Unfortunately, even if you have made a truly honest mistake, federal prosecutors will attempt to make an example out of you by seeking such penalties as fines and even prison time. Since these cases should always be taken seriously from the outset, always consult immediately with healthcare defense Tricare fraud lawyers to learn about your various legal options.

Agencies Investigating Tricare Fraud
Depending on the circumstances surrounding your alleged Tricare fraud case, one or probably several federal agencies will be involved in the investigation. These can include the DEA, Office of Inspector General, FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, and possibly even more agencies if deemed necessary to the investigation. Needless to say, the situation can quickly escalate into one requiring experienced and knowledgeable legal representation. Since federal prosecutors will likely bring criminal and maybe civil charges against you, always be prepared by having a healthcare defense Tricare fraud lawyer advising you from day one of the investigation.

Specific Targets of Investigations
While almost any type of healthcare provider or related entity can find itself under a Tricare fraud investigation, most federal agencies target specific types of businesses and providers. In most instances, these include hospitals, medical device companies, pharmacies and compound pharmacies, medical practices, and toxicology labs. Once these investigations begin, anyone working in these businesses is fair game to prosecutors. Whether it is high-level company executives, doctors and nurses, or even office staff members, prosecutors will have no trouble whatsoever bringing charges against these and other individuals. Since the ultimate goal for anyone facing these charges is to have them dismissed, it is best to hire a healthcare defense Tricare fraud lawyer who has a track record of success doing just that for clients.

Tricare Fraud Penalties
Whether your Tricare fraud investigation is criminal, civil, or has elements of both, the penalties sought by prosecutors will be extremely harsh. Some of the most common include decades-long prison sentences, fines of as much as $11,000 for each false claim, repayment of fraudulent claims, and being excluded from future participation in Tricare. Since even just one of these penalties could potentially ruin your professional life and also severely impact your personal life perhaps forever, do not allow prosecutors to gain the upper-hand in these matters. By choosing to be aggressive with your defense and have a Tricare fraud lawyer on your side who carefully examines the evidence federal authorities have against you, you may be able to see the charges reduced or dismissed.

Complex and Confusing Investigations
If federal authorities bring Tricare fraud charges against you, do not trust your case to an attorney who has little or no experience in these complex and confusing investigations. Instead, hire a knowledgeable healthcare defense Tricare fraud lawyer who has handled such cases in the past and knows the various strategies prosecutors will use when trying to gain a conviction. Though you may feel hopeless initially, do not let this deter you. Instead, hire a lawyer who will protect your rights from start to finish.



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