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Federal Fraud Charges

February 2, 2019 New York Lawyers

The definition of fraud as an intentional deception or lie used to benefit you or another party . The federal government, through its prosecutors in the United States Attorneys’ Office, tries cases of Federal fraud, specifically.

Wire and Mail Fraud

Federal laws mandate it is illegal to commit wire communications, internet, and mail . However, as technology evolves, so does the law around wire and mail fraud. Another technology is commonplace when charged with Federal fraud. For example, sending fake tax returns for a merchant cash advance can be an example of mail fraud.

Federal prosecutors charge a person with wire fraud or mail fraud. Additionally, prosecutors can add bribery, corruption, or any other charges that may apply . An example of this sort of Federal fraud charge is:

A Federal employee is given a kickback through the mail or wire fraud. The primary way of locating all involved is phone call habits that directly relate to the exact nature of wire fraud committed.


Tackling Tax Fraud

Tax evasion’s stigma is laughter or goes ignored . However, tax fraud is a serious Federal crime and prosecuted to the fullest. Consider it is stealing from the public at large. Crimes labeled as “white collar” is as severe as any other.

Tax fraud comes in many different forms. Overestimating expenses, underreporting income, and not filing a tax return are all tax fraud. Tax fraud is common and results in around $2 trillion in tax fraud crimes, according to the IRS.

Moving Money Illegally

The Federal government regulates the commodity markets and securities . Many individuals and most companieskeep an attorney on retainer in case of a misunderstanding that leads to a Federal fraud charge.
Types of security fraud include:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Investment schemes
  • Embezzlement by brokers
  • Foreign currency fraud

Brokerage companies, investment banks, or individual stockbrokers deceive clients or investors with providing false or misinformation.

Fraud also applies to people who trade stock or other securities using nonpublic information The fraudulent security crime is known as insider trading .

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Millions of Americans receive Federal assistance in the form of medical assistance with Medicare and Medicaid Fraudulent claims are made using the Federal funds, every day. The misuse of the aid is stealing from the taxpayer.

Healthcare companies and individual providers often attempt to overcharge or charge for unprovided services. Physicians will even perform unrequired tests and surgery to commit Medicaid and Medicare fraud. Medical practices hire lawyers on retainer in case of misunderstandings while dealing with the Federal government.

To report Medicare and Medicaid call the Medicare fraud tip line at 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) or visit their website.

Possible Penalties for Federal Fraud

Most Federal fraud charges are felonies. However, in the sentencing process, a reduction could occur .

The sentences for Federal fraud could include:

  • Prison: Federal prison is often the butt of a joke. But, prison is not a punch-line. Federal fraud convictions’ sentences range from 0 to 30 years for each count . Rarely, judges will put the convicted person or persons on house restriction and supervision.
  • Fines: Companies are fined in the millions for Federal fraud charge convictions . Judges do not let individuals off of the hook, either. The fines reflect the fraudulent total in most cases.
  • Restitution: Fines are merely part of the punishment process. Restitution is entirely different . Money taken while committing fraud is part of order during the sentencing phase. The person or company found guilty of Federal fraud is responsible for paying back the victim , government or otherwise.
  • Probation & Supervision: Best case scenerio is probaction or some sort of mandated supervision . The sentence does not mean it lessens the conviction, but it does mean no prison time for the offender.

In any case of Federal fraud charges, having an attorney makes the process smoother . The court system is not always easy to navigate as the accused or the accuser.



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