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Federal Criminal Forfeiture Defense

July 1, 2020

Federal Criminal Forfeiture Defense


The prosecution can bring an action to charge the property used in the crime or received from the crime, along with charging the defendant in a case as part of a criminal prosecution of a defendant in federal court. The court can issue an order of forfeiture if the jury decides that the property is forfeitable. This means that if you are facing federal criminal charges in Michigan, not only is your freedom on the line, but your home, car, money, or any other property you own could also be at stake. It is significant to work with a federal defense attorney who can take the time to deal with various elements of your case, including the criminal forfeiture considerations you will be dealing with. At Spodek Law, our team is committed to providing comprehensive defense representation. We know what it takes to aggressively defend clients accused of all types of misdemeanor and felony offenses. Connect with us now to learn more about our proven approach and to get in touch with an attorney who delivers exceptional results in Michigan federal criminal cases. Call us or fill out our online enquiry form.


What Is Criminal Forfeiture?

18 U.S.C. 982 lists a large group of offenses for which the prosecution can bring criminal forfeiture actions. In imposing a sentence, the court must order a person to forfeit any real or personal property involved in these offenses to the federal government. This property includes anything used in the commission of the crime, any profits derived from the commission of the crime, or any belongings used to facilitate the commission of a crime.


If you are accused of a federal criminal offense, there is not much the government won’t go after because the standards for what is forfeitable are so broad. At Spodek Law, our trial attorneys have experience protecting clients like you whose property is threatened and at risk. Let our team of skilled lawyers protect you and your family from wrongful or excessive forfeiture and the many other negative effects that criminal conviction can bring. Don’t wait to get in touch with our qualified trial team. Call our hotline number now or send us a message online, and let us begin representing your best interests as you continue your battle for justice both inside and outside the courtroom.


How Much Can The Government Take From Me Through Criminal Forfeiture?

If you are convicted of a federal offense, the amount of property the government can seize from you is limitless. For some cases, including drug crime cases, the government must hold a hearing where third parties can claim an interest in the property to be seized but the amount the defendant will lose is not affected either way. Even if a conviction against you is not possible, the government can still pursue an action against your property alone. In some cases, the administrative forfeiture could be an option, which takes the court process out of the equation completely. It is vital that you have a defense lawyer who can sort through the various actions against you and comprehensively protect you on all fronts.


Representation for Criminal Forfeiture Defense

Our Michigan defense lawyers know that criminal forfeiture could drastically affect your life, not only today but forever. Starting over again is a huge challenge especially after losing your home, savings, and other properties. With Spodek Law, you are protected. We will do everything we can to ensure you will not lose anything and even guarantee your triumph. Get in touch with us now via phone or online and let us begin advising you as you proceed through your criminal case.


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