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Bronx Drug Possession Lawyer

January 31, 2019

If you’ve been arrested for drug possession in the Bronx, you probably have many concerns. The harsh reality is that prosecutors aggressively pursue these charges as they’re easy cases to win without the opponent having equally aggressive representation. You could be facing harsh fines and even jail time. There are many different defenses to help beat or at least significantly reduce the impact of these charges. Our no-risk free consultation offers you the chance to see exactly how our Bronx drug possession lawyers can help.

What are the fines and penalties for Drug Possession in the Bronx?

The extent of the fines and penalties that you’d be subjected to largely depends on what drug(s) you were in possession of and the quantity. It also depends on whether the state views you as someone who has the intent to distribute the drugs you were caught with. For example, if you were caught with many bags of marijuana, the state will most likely consider this an intent to distribute the drugs. Another factor that often comes into play is the location of where you were stopped for the violation. If you were in a drug free school zone or other protected area, the fines and penalties may increase significantly. Most initial drug charges are a misdemeanor; however, they can significantly increase and become felonies if they’re severe occurrences or repeat offenses.

The penalties for drug possession are based on a scale of controlled substances and their risk for abuse, addiction, legitimate medical uses, among other factors. For example, cocaine possession isn’t as serious as heroin as cocaine is still used for some medical applications; however, it’s potential for abuse is still very high. Heroin is viewed as highly addictive and isn’t used for any medicinal purposes. Marijuana is still viewed by the federal government to not have practical medicinal use, although it’s been legalized and decriminalized in many states. In New York City, it’s still illegal to possess marijuana for recreational use. Drugs coupled with drug paraphernalia is considered an additional offense that would also require representation. Click here for specific statutes regarding drug laws in New York.

The intent to distribute drugs can be a very confusing and complicated matter. Often, charges are filed with an intent to distribute solely based on the weight quantity of drugs seized. The problem with this is that many users will buy in bulk to avoid putting themselves in danger repeatedly. The packaging used can also influence how the police view the matter. If there are many bags used to store the drugs, it may appear to the police that you intend on selling the drugs although this may not be the intent. If you’re caught with a scale, capsules, or packaging that’s typically used to distribute drugs, you’ll need the guidance of a highly skilled Bronx drug possession lawyer. Without an attorney, the prosecution would have a strong case to not only convict you of possession, but also as a drug dealer. This can have long lasting and very harsh effects on your ability to function as a productive member of society.

Possible defenses to drug possession and possession with intent charges:

Often, the police will want to conduct a search even if they don’t have any reason to suspect that you’d have drugs. Without probable cause to establish a search and seizure, the state wouldn’t have a valid case against you and the charges must be dropped. Another scenario is when the police will charge you with possession for finding drugs that aren’t on your person but within proximity. Depending on the specific circumstance, they may be unjustified in their assumptions. Illegal searches and seizures are protected by the US Constitution. A skilled attorney can determine if your rights have been violated and will fight to protect you from unwarranted charges.

Get in touch with us for your no-risk free consultation:

Our Bronx drug possession lawyers are ready to fight for your rights. We offer a free and no-risk consultation to see how we might be able to help. We have successfully helped many clients to beat or reduce drug possession charges and help them maintain their reputation. Don’t try to navigate the complexities of the legal system alone. Give us a call or contact us online and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and how we can help you, today.



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