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New York Medical License Reinstatement Lawyer

Raiser & Kenniff PC’s attorneys help doctors to regain their medical licenses. We are based in New York City, and we can help you negotiate the morass of laws concerning the healthcare industry. Explore our site to comprehend better our health law practice and howRaiser & Kenniff PC’s attorneys can help you face the unique problems pertaining to healthcare law.

How Doctors Lose Their Licenses
A physician can lose his or her license in countless ways. Commonly, they are charged with incompetence, criminal convictions, gross negligence, substance abuse, fraudulent practice, and immoral conduct. States regulate all licensure issues. In New York, where we work, the New York Education Law controls physicians’ licensure and professional discipline, administered by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct. A doctor accused of misconduct could lose his medical license by either surrendering it or having the licensing agency revoke it. No matter how the physician lost his or her license, he or she must put in an application for license reinstatement before he or she can regain his license — which is what we help with.

License Suspension Versus License Revocation
Suspension removes medical license privileges temporarily — anywhere between a week to a year. You may have to surrender your actual physical license to the state board office , and you cannot legally practice your vocation until after the suspension is lifted or terminated and your license returned.

Though your license is automatically restored to you after the suspension is over, license revocation lasts indefinitely — until certain conditions such as paying fines, completing drug screening, and obtaining insurance are fulfilled.

The Way We Help
A premier New York City medical license law firm,Raiser & Kenniff PC’s claims experienced professionals who know all about medical license reinstatement. Our clients have asked us to give medical license reinstatement and defense services for years.

We assist our clients in deciding whether or not they can get medical license restoration. We evaluate and review their cases per statutory requirements, and we fill out applications for license restoration, send out necessary documentation to relevant persons and offices, following medical license restoration to make sure our clients’ license restoration applications are sent to the state boards and processed on time.

We consistently and regularly talk with our clients about the status of their medical license restoration. Our medical license attorneys commit to keeping our clients’ records confidential. Our BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ ratings testify to the quality of our services. We are committed to quality.

Our medical licensing attorneys know every state’s medical licensing restoration requirements. Fast and accurate completion of your license restoration application we offer and provide supporting documentation in order to make sure of swift processing of your medical license restoration requests and your credentials.

To allow you to focus on your day-to-day activities, we simplify the license restoration process, and our services are risk-free with money back guarantees. We promise that our error will not deny you your license restoration.

Feel comfortable about us and our services. Call us now to make an appointment to find out more about our services. We have successfully represented a number of healthcare professionals; we can help you, too. We at Raiser & Kenniff PC’s tailor our services to each client’s unique needs and requirements. Whether you are up against significant legal challenges, need daily legal guidance, or are trying to proactively build your business to comply with the healthcare laws, we offer effective, efficient legal representation. Because of our experience and our creative, outside-the-box thinking, we often can solve your problems with new, unique approaches and strategies you could not find elsewhere. We guide our clients through the legal aspects of healthcare, leaving them free to work on patient care and other business issues. Try us.

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