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New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Attorney: Protect Your Rights with the Right Legal Aid

Experience the Ultimate Legal Assistance with Spodek Law Group

Federal crimes are punished more severely than state crimes, making it absolutely critical to avoid conviction or face a distressingly long period of imprisonment. If you find yourself entangled in legal troubles with the authorities, it’s essential to have the right legal aid by your side. At Spodek Law Group, we are passionately dedicated to helping you fight federal crime charges and protecting your rights at all times.

Why Choose a New Mexico Federal Crime Attorney Instead of a Criminal Attorney?

A federal crime charge demands a different approach than a state crime charge. It’s intriguing how many federal criminal offenses overlap with state laws. However, federal courts and laws work distinctly differently than state courts and laws.

Therefore, when charged with a federal crime offense, you must discern why it’s being considered a federal crime. Most of the time, the location of the crime can determine whether it is a federal or state offense.

However, when hiring an attorney for your case in New Mexico State Court or Federal Court system, it would be best to choose one who has vast experience and profound knowledge in handling cases within that specific court system. At Spodek Law Group, we employ astute lawyers who understand both New Mexico State Laws, as well as Federal Laws, and have triumphed in both types of court before. They possess the competency to help you avoid conviction or at least reduce charges against you.

When Should You Hire A New Mexico Federal Crime Lawyer?

Various types of federal crimes exist, which can overlap with state laws but require specialized knowledge of how they differ from their corresponding states’ law enforcement agencies. It is of paramount importance to have proper legal representation when faced with such charges.

Some common examples include:

Mailing Threatening Communications

Mailing threatening communications directed toward someone else with the intention of harm is a grave offense if using the USPS service for committing this type of offense. The severity level escalates based on the pernicious threat contained in the mail sent out by the perpetrator(s).


Taking a human life unintentionally, without premeditation, is considered manslaughter. The crime becomes a federal offense if committed against a government employee or on government property. In such instances, the sentencing can be exceedingly severe and result in long periods of imprisonment.

Missile Systems Designed to Destroy Aircraft

Crimes that involve aircraft are charged as a federal offense because they usually affect multiple lives and nationalities. Under US law, ownership and possession of missile systems designed to destroy aircraft are an indication of intent to commit a crime against the government’s aircraft. Depending on the perpetrator’s location, the missile system’s history, and deployment, the offender might also face treason charges.

Is It Too Late To Hire A New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Being found guilty and serving time in prison is not always the end of the road. After sentencing, it is crucial to find superior legal representation who can help modify, correct, or reduce your criminal sentence.

Prison life can be incredibly challenging; therefore, it is best to avoid trouble while incarcerated until your court date arrives. However, after serving time, having proper legal aid can significantly reduce post-release restrictions such as supervised release, probation, or parole.

The District Courts Of New Mexico

New Mexico only has one district court, with courthouses located in Las Cruces, Roswell, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque, respectively. Each courthouse has its own specialty that lawyers must navigate through when representing clients facing different types of cases within their jurisdictional boundaries. Researching how average federal crime cases turn out in your local court system and speaking with your New Mexico attorney will alleviate anxiety and set up your case for success.

Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney In New Mexico

Facing federal charges can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, potentially resulting in long prison sentences if you are not well represented by competent counsel familiar with both state laws and Federal Laws governing these offenses.

Having an experienced Federal criminal Defense Lawyer from Spodek Law Group on your side can help keep you out of prison or reduce your sentencing.

If you find yourself in such a situation, contact Spodek Law Group today, and our experienced lawyers will guide you through the complexities of federal courts and laws to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

New Mexico Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

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