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New Jersey medical license defense lawyers

In an increasingly litigious world, medical professionals are constantly threatened with malpractice claims and other adverse actions that may have an impact on your medical license and ability to practice in the healthcare industry. A medical license is not easy to obtain, but the privileges associated with a medical license can be taken away in certain circumstances. Fortunately, New Jersey medical license defense lawyers are available to provide legal representation for medical professionals who face claims that may impact your medical license status.

A medical license may be revoked or otherwise suspended for a variety of different reasons. If you are facing disciplinary action, it is important that you take steps to reduce the severity of the potential consequences. If you receive notice of possible disciplinary action, you should immediately contact a medical license defense lawyer to learn what options are available.

A medical license defense lawyer will explain to you the applicable procedures and can give you an idea about what to expect. They will be able to explain what your rights are and how you can exercise those rights. A lawyer can assist you throughout all of the phases of the case.

A claim by the disciplinary board should not be taken lightly. Disciplinary action could create significant burdens for your employment and create additional issues for any future employment. In many cases, the penalties can be reduced through a variety of different actions, which an attorney can help you explore. In some cases, the claim may be dismissed and you can return to the status quo.

If you are facing disciplinary action, it is important to explore the claims that have led to the proposed discipline. New Jersey medical license defense lawyers will be able to analyze the claims and determine their legitimacy. An attorney can take a variety of different actions to assist with determining the validity of claims. An attorney can request copies of all documents and other evidence being used in the case. They can question various witnesses through depositions and other methods of discovery. They can request a hearing to challenge the claims made against you and argue for a fair result.

An attorney can help you build a defense to rebut the claims that are made against you. They can help you identify and subpoena witnesses who can testify on your behalf. Witnesses can be called to challenge the claims made against you and in support of your character. An attorney can also present other evidence on your behalf to challenge the claims against you. A medical license defense lawyer will be well familiar with what it will take to successfully defend your case.

Because your medical license is a constitutionally protected property right, the disciplinary board is required to follow certain procedures and provide you with sufficient notice and opportunities to be heard. Sometimes the correct procedures are not followed, and an attorney can take action in response. Overall, a medical license defense lawyer will make sure your interests are protected throughout the process.

If your medical license is revoked, suspended or otherwise limited, then New Jersey medical license defense lawyers can help pursue action for reinstatement of your license privileges. They will file any necessary paperwork to begin the reinstatement process and will help you understand what may be required for full reinstatement. If there are hearings to discuss your license, an attorney can appear with you and advocate on your behalf.

The legal team at Raiser & Kenniff has been serving healthcare providers for over 30 years. Our New Jersey medical license defense lawyers are available to provide legal advice and representation to healthcare providers who may be facing medical license issues. Our attorneys have experience defending medical professionals against a variety of different claims and can help you understand what to expect. They will explain to you the various possible outcomes and can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed with your case.

If you are facing medical license discipline, have already been disciplined, or anticipate possible action against your medical license, contact Raiser & Kenniff as soon as possible for more information. Call today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about what our firm can offer.

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