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New Jersey Physical Therapy Defense Lawyers

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New Jersey Physical Therapy Defense Lawyers

Like many other professions in the medical field, a physical therapist may face a law suit that threatens their practice and could keep them from performing their job. As physical therapy becomes a growing profession, more and more individuals will come to physical therapists to help them recover from injuries, old age, and live more comfortably. But when more people visit physical therapists, it also means there is a higher chance that someone will be unhappy with their service.

When someone believes that a physical therapist did not perform to their best ability or caused them additional harm, they may want to press charges through a malpractice case. If this should happen, any physical therapist will want to get in touch with a license defense attorney as quickly as possible.

There are a number of different cases that a physical therapist may face. Here are some of the most common kinds of suits that a physical therapist may need to deal with, each requiring the assistance of a Physical Therapy License Defense Attorney.


Most cases against a physical therapist will be classified as malpractice, but in order for the case to actually be considered malpractice, the physical therapist or their team will need to perform an illegal or intentionally hazardous workout, therapy, or treatment.

Because most of what a physical therapist does relies on workouts, stretches, or therapies, it can sometimes cause more pain for the individual if their body was not prepared for such movement. If, as a physical therapist, you perform a stretch, therapy, or treatment that over-extends the limbs or do not make modifications that meet the needs of weaker or injured patients, you could face a malpractice case. Another malpractice case could come from dropping a patient during an exercise.

Regardless of the malpractice details, you will want to get the help of a license defense attorney.


Negligence is a form of malpractice that often appears in cases against physical therapists. When an action is classified as negligent, it means that the physical therapist did not give the proper amount of training or supervision, which resulted in the individual further damaging themselves.

If a physical therapist does not teach their patient how to properly use equipment, it is easy for the patient to do something wrong and further hurt their muscles, ligaments, or joints. Negligence may also include if the physical therapist does not properly explain the risks of the therapies and treatments that are being used. If there is potential for damage, the physical therapist will need to let the patient know before treatment begins.

A patient may also press negligence charges if the physical therapist does not repair equipment around the center. If the physical therapist does not mop up spills, fix handrails or faulty floor boards, or uses equipment that is known to malfunction, this could cause further damage to their patients.

Proving a Malpractice Case Against a Physical Therapist

It is important to remember that just because you are charged with a malpractice case, you aren’t automatically guilty. If the individual is further injured while under your care, you can still prove that you were following doctor’s orders to the best of your ability and that the harm was not intentional.

If you have stuck to the standard of care outlined as a physical therapist, your career and license may not be in jeopardy. Discussing the situation with a Physical Therapist License Defense Attorney can help ensure that the case is fully understood and everything is in place to bring a great defense to court.

Why a Physical Therapist License Defense Attorney is Necessary

If you’re facing a malpractice case or otherwise risk losing your license, you don’t want to take the matter into your own hand. A lawsuit that threatens your career should be taken extremely seriously, even if you believe that you did nothing wrong.

It is very possible that you will not be held accountable for the injuries to the patient, but without the necessary preparations, it can be difficult to prove. If you were to lose your license because of a malpractice or negligence case against you, you would be unable to perform your job duties and lose your career.

A license defense attorney will work diligently to ensure all the pieces are in place and that you can continue working as a physical therapist. An expert legal team will help you through the process of uncovering necessary sources that prove the patient’s injuries were not a result of your malpractice or negligence.

Connecting with the Right Lawyer

When your job is on the line, you want to ensure you are working with the right lawyer and team. Spend time asking questions and getting to understand how the process works. When you have a strong connection with your expert legal team, you will feel more comfortable handing them your career and allowing them to defend you against your upcoming malpractice or negligence case.

As soon as you are aware of a case against you, get in contact with a license defense lawyer. Don’t push the case to the side and allow time to pass without working on your defense. When your entire future is on the line, you’ll want to ensure you are doing everything possible to protect yourself.

New Jersey Physical Therapy Defense Lawyers

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