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new jersey pharmacist license defense lawyers

Every pharmacist in the United States is held to a certain set of standards for the way they do their job. As administers of drugs that can be harmful or even life threatening if used or prescribed inappropriately, pharmacists have a huge responsibility to protect their patients lives.

Unfortunately, mistakes can be made and injuries can occur. A pharmacist may find that their license is being challenged. In these events, a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer would be needed.

What Does a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Do?

If a pharmacist makes a mistake on the job such as providing the wrong pills or allowing pills to go missing, they may find that they are being audited or investigated. No matter the circumstances surrounding the audit or investigation, it can cause a lot of stress and fear for the individual.

To help relieve some of that stress and fear, a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer can help to create a defensive case for the pharmacist against the investigation or audit. In an effort to protect the license of the pharmacist, a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense lawyer will ensure proper protocol is followed during the investigation and that the pharmacist’s side is accurately and clearly told.

Why is a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Necessary?

If you’re a pharmacist, you know that you need your license in order to work in your state. If that license is taken away from you, you will no longer be able to do your job. So when you are being investigated or audited at the risk of losing that license, you’re also facing a potential job loss and all the consequences that would come with that.

Because you will need to properly defend yourself to keep your pharmacy license, you will not want to take any chances by trying to go through the investigation and the trial alone. With an expert New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer by your side, they can help you stay realistic about the investigation and the outcomes.

A New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer can help protect your pharmacy license to allow you to keep your job and continue practicing in your state.

When Does a Pharmacist Need a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer?

A pharmacist’s license may come in jeopardy if another individual files a complaint about the pharmacist or the pharmacy. This complaint may come from patients, an insurance company, other employees of the pharmacy, or even from other pharmacists.

The complaints made against a pharmacist can range pretty broadly. From infractions like using false or inappropriate advertisement to incorrectly filling prescriptions, pharmacists may find that their license is under investigation for a number of reasons.

Here are a few of other potential reasons a pharmacist may have their license challenged:

  • Filing prescriptions incorrectly
  • Violating health safety codes or other health codes
  • Acting negligently in practicing pharmacy
  • Using drugs or alcohol abusively
  • Making fraudulent insurance claims
  • Over-prescribing or over-filling prescriptions

The consequences associated with each complaint will depend on the severity of the crime and how many times the crime has been committed. While many of these can be written off as a careless mistake, each investigation and audit will take a serious look at the behaviors and practices of the pharmacist.

If the pharmacist does not have an expert New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer working along side them, they may find that innocent details or incidents are taken out of context and misunderstood. Without experience and a professional guide to help work out any potential issues, pharmacists may find that their license and job is lost. Depending on the crime, they may also be facing legal action.

If you are a pharmacist and you’re license is being challenged, don’t hesitate to contact a New Jersey Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer. They will work with you to understand the details of the case and what it could mean for you. With an expert attorney by your side, you can keep your reputation, your job, and your pharmacy license safe.

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