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Nashville Federal Criminal Lawyers

Nashville Federal Criminal Lawyers

Although Nashville is one of the more liberal places in the country, the officials are still very serious about drug trafficking and other federal crimes. Whether you are charged with racketeering, conspiracy, white-collar crimes, tax evasion, or murder, our law firm has the decades of professional experience to help you.

Limited Appellate Opportunities in the Federal Courts

The federal criminal justice system does not have a lot of wiggle room. If you are convicted, there are fewer opportunities for relief. Obtaining review in a state supreme court is plausible. Obtaining relief in the U.S. Supreme Court is possible but like winning the legal lottery. Because there is an absence of appellate review processes, the courts can become reckless with the power and lack of published publicity regarding the weaknesses in their prosecutions.

Criminal Cases Are Rarely So Black and White

It is difficult to make out a criminal case because rarely is reality so black and white. In order to make defendants appear guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, most prosecutors feel justified by manipulating the evidence. The Feds will even profile defendants to fabricate evidence and elaborate stings, so that they have full control over the evidence and the outcome. This is the easiest way for them to conserve resources but is tragic when they pick on innocent people or target people under the color of law with ulterior political motives.

Our law firm has seen it all. We know exactly how federal agents operate and the unscrupulous methods that prosecutors can use to win at all costs. If you want to stand a fighting chance in the courts, you have to hire an attorney who will defend you. You don’t want a stagehand actor who is there to agree with the prosecution on nearly every point except the weakest issues to pretend like they are defending you.

Hard Work Leads to Better Defense Results

Our law firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for our clients and will force prosecutors to reduce the penalties in gracious plea bargains if an acquittal is unlikely. Of course, an acquittal is always possible. The more work that a defense attorney puts into a case, the better prepared he will be to force the prosecutor’s hand. Prosecutors risk being sued for malicious prosecution and put a lot on the line when they take a case to a jury trial.

Defendants need an attorney who has a full comprehension of the law. An attorney who has to squander away your budget with endless research and pouring over documents is not fit to represent you. Our law firm will provide you the best value for your money and work hard to get effective results because we already know the game, we aren’t novices trying to figure it out.

The Cost of Forgoing Qualified Counsel

In the federal justice system, you will see mentally ill people go to prison for a long time because they have a long record of petty infractions in the state and can’t afford competent representation. You will also see people charged with attempted murderer get a slap on the wrist if no one was killed or self-defense could be argued.

Every case has specific facts that can be highlighted or ignored. The courts and prosecutors tend to have a conviction agenda that ignores key evidence of innocence. They would rather bloat the federal coffers and fill up the prisons to reach their quotas. If you are not being assisted by experienced counsel, you will never have a chance against their bureaucratic methods.

Error Preservation

Our law firm is dedicated to preserving errors for appellate review. You cannot botch a trial and then expect to correct things if you lose on appeal. Hiring competent trial counsel is the first step in establishing your rights.

We file pre-trial motions that dispute the evidence and the fairness of what is allowable at trial. Inflammatory evidence, hearsay, and unlawfully seized evidence can all make a critical difference in the strength of the prosecution’s case.

If these motions and any objections are not granted, we can also move for reconsideration and bring up any weighty arguments that favor your defense. Trust us to build you a bulletproof case that the Feds are not happy to waste their time fighting.

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