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Milwaukee Federal Criminal Lawyers

If you are charged with a federal crime in Milwaukee, your whole world may feel like it is crashing down around you. The federal authorities levy some serious power and are not easily kept in check with truth and innocence alone. In order to defend yourself against these pros who know the law inside and out, you’ll have to hire an experienced Milwaukee federal criminal defense attorney. Only the top-notch lawyers who have lots of experience can help you weaken and destroy their allegations.

It takes decades of research and practice to understand what types of errors will stick and what issues are not worth pursuing. Forming a defense strategy and having the experience to put together motions that deflate the prosecution’s position is no easy job. There is just too much to consider because the case-law of judicial opinions, which define the limits of a prosecution, is so expansive. Putting together all the pieces and presenting it clearly enough to compel the courts to rule in your favor requires talent, not just textbook learning.

How Do Federal Agents Operate?

At the first phase of a prosecution, there is an investigation. Many times, the prosecution can fail to disclose key evidence regarding the length and the extent of this investigation. Federal authorities can work with other officials who will carry out some side work for the promises of a bonus off the record. These officials can spend months or years profiling potential targets that work and live near them. The Feds will even rent a home or apartment nearby to a potential target if they want to build a more serious case.

We understand that some things may not make sense in a federal prosecution because they do a lot of secret phone taps, computer taps, and other work that they won’t admit to doing. Yet, if you know how they operate, this can provide an advantage in defending the case. Therefore, we will first sit down and try to understand how the Feds realistically became interested in you as a defendant.

In many cases, it is not because you were doing anything wrong per se but because you have a large volume of something that interests them: business, weapons, money, medications, computers, cars, or what have you. The Feds like to produce press releases and commercials that make them look like the top dogs even if they are not doing a great job.

The Feds are also known for carrying out elaborate sting operations and deep infiltrations. That new friend that you met may be someone working with police and trying to profile you. If they seem to always know what you are interested in and currently working on to stay relevant with their conversations, this is a clue.

Feds can work with anyone from business owners to prostitutes. In fact, prostitutes are some of the best police informants because they need protection from bad clients, drug dealers, and prison. They also know everyone in town and have a lot of resources because they are connected to the vine.

What Services Do We Provide?

Whether you are charged with public corruption, racketeering, drug trafficking, firearms offenses, fraud, tax evasion, or other white-collar crimes, we will put our all into obtaining the best plea or acquittal. No matter what the federal charges may be, we have a working knowledge of the applicable principles and can put together a very compelling case that is based partly off our previous work. Since we have already researched all the relevant case-law and know the nuances of the laws like the backs of our hands, we don’t squander your money away on educating ourselves.

We are pros who know what to do. We will file every motion possible to help chisel away at the strength of the prosecution’s case before trial, object during trial, and seek further relief after trial. This allows you to pursue review of questions of law on appeal where justice is easier. When an abstract principle and key evidence of innocence come into the focus, an appellate brief is the perfect way to make a public record that undermines the integrity of the courts if they keep ignoring injustices.

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